Lee Gordon Nelson, Harlan, Iowa (arrested July 2013)

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    Lee Gordon Nelson, 72, band teacher for Harlan Community School District, Harlan, Iowa, "charged with sexual exploitation by a school employee and assault with intent to commit sexual abuse "

    Des Moines Register: Longtime Harlan teacher arrested for sexual exploitation of student (July 23 2013)

    Lee Gordon Nelson ... was the band teacher last October, when a 17-year-old student alleges he began making sexual comments and touching her inappropriately outside her clothes. The conduct occurred at school, on band trips and at his residence, and continued until April. Nelson admitted to the allegations after being questioned by a school official and resigned his teaching license, according to an affidavit from the Division of Criminal Investigation agent who investigated the case.

    Lee Gordon Nelson, Harlan, Iowa, Harlan Community School District
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    KMA: Former Harlan teacher arrested on felony charges (July 23 2013)

    72-year-old Lee Nelson was arrested on one felony charge and a misdemeanor charge following a two month investigation by the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation. The investigation began following charges by a 17-year-old female student who says Nelson had been saying rude and inappropriate things to her from October of last year through May of this year. The victim also alleges Nelson touched her inappropriately during the months he was employed by the Harlan Community School District.
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    Southwest Iowa News: Former Harlan teacher arrested for alleged sexual exploitation (July 24 2013)

    In May, a 17-year-old female victim and her parents contacted police to report that since October 2012 [Lee Gordon] Nelson had been touching the girl inappropriately and making rude and inappropriate comments. The Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation and Shelby County Sheriff’s Office conducted an investigation that resulted in Nelson’s arrest. According to an arrest affidavit Nelson touched the victim on the outside of her clothes on and around her thigh and groin area, “in an attempt to satisfy his sexual desire.” Nelson was working as a band mentor to the young student.
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