Lee Crabtree, Bury, England, United Kingdom (arrested Oct 2012) [DUI]

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    Lee Crabtree (Walshaw Road, Bury, England, United Kingdom), 32, media & film teacher at Rochdale Sixth Form College [Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council], Rochdale, England, United Kingdom, "arrested for drink-driving after parking his car"

    Bolton News: Teacher admits drink-driving after a night out in Bolton (Nov 1 2012)

    Bolton magistrates heard how police found Lee Crabtree behind the wheel of a Renault Megane in River Street, Bolton, just before 6am on October 10. he vehicle was parked on double yellow lines but had its rear lights on. Crabtree, aged 32, of Walshaw Road, Bury, initially told officers that he had not driven, but was sleeping in his vehicle in order to sober up before driving home. But the vehicle’s bonnet was warm and Crabtree was arrested, providing a breath sample that proved he was twice over the legal drink-drive limit.

    Lee Crabtree, Bury, England, United Kingdom, Rochdale Sixth Form College, Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council