Kevin Deadman, Howell, Michigan (arrested Nov 2011) [domestic violence]

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    Name: Kevin Deadman

    Age: 46

    School: Parker Middle School, Howell Public School District, Howell, Michigan

    Position: Teacher


    Livingston Daily (7 Nov 2011): Howell teacher arraigned for beating 18-year-old son

    WHMI (7 Nov 2011): Howell Middle School Teacher Charged In Alleged Assault On Son

    Lansing State Journal (8 Nov 2011): Howell teacher charged with beating son

    Livingston Daily (10 Nov 2011): District says it can't punish teacher accused of beating son

    Parker Middle School, Howell Public School District, Howell, Michigan, Kevin Deadman
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    mr. deadman is my math teacher at parker, let me just say he's a pretty cool guy. the only people that get on his "bad" side are the loud mouthed idiots. He's never raised his voice and he's an amazing teacher- take it from someone who can't stand math. Hopefully, he will be back teaching tomorrow- not in jail. Me and my friend are praying for him. That's the problem with most of you- you don't even know the guy and you're already trashing him. So instead of jeering, pray for the poor guy!:rolleyes: Honestly, nothing serious has gone on. The Monday after it happened he even explained to everyone (quite calmly and rationally, especially for a man that was accused as a criminal) that it wasn't true. You could see the truth in his eyes. So please, refrain from dissing the poor man, he's got to be feeling pretty crappy from all the insults right now!

    Signed, Proud Deadman Supporter
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    Violance is not the answer Mr. Childbeater.
    Next time you should probably just ground him.
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    Only update I can find, complete article will cost $3.95 ...

    Livingston Daily: Dad in pretrial for son's beating (Nov 22 2011)

    Canton Township-based defense attorney Greg Demopoulos has stated the facts and circumstances of the prosecutor's case against his client, Kevin Deadman, 46, were justified due to the "very serious issues regarding his son."
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    I wish he got arrested he tried to make me drink bleach, sincerely mole