Kenya: Parents attacking teachers over poor grades barbaric, criminal

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    Teachers: Arrest rogue parents

    Teachers' unions want parents who storm schools to protest poor results in national examinations arrested. Last week, poor results in national tests sparked protests from parents and politicians who demanded the transfers of various school heads in Kakamega County. Parents marched to five different schools and closed the gates on allegations of poor management and poor results posted in last year’s national exams. Teachers' unions now want parents of Makokho Secondary, St Peter’s Muyundi Girls, Lukongo Primary, Lukongo Secondary and Shibale Primary School prosecuted for endangering the lives of tutors. Area residents and parents at the five schools are said ...

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    Parents attacking teachers over poor grades barbaric, criminal

    That parents are violently ejecting principals and attacking teachers over “poor” performance by their children in national examinations, especially KCPE, is proof of a fast-growing a culture that should be condemned.

    For a school to perform well, the parents must work closely with the pupils and their teachers.

    Good performance is, first and foremost, the sole responsibility of the students; teachers are only there to facilitate them.

    Transferring teachers every year from poorly performing schools will not improve the grades.

    The government should ensure that all public schools have sufficient quality infrastructure, books and teachers to foster good performance, equal learning opportunities and healthy competition with private schools.

    The latter are well equipped and, therefore, better placed to register better performance than their public counterparts.

    Such violent parents are aware that there are proper channels to address problems that arise in schools. They should be subjected to the law for their actions.

    The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) should move in quickly and protect teachers.

    Millicent Mukhongo, Bungoma

    The success or failure of pupils is attributable to not only teachers but parents, students, non-teaching staff, community, conducive environment, support by the government and political stability, among other factors.

    Such heinous acts as attacks on teachers over poor performance by schools should cease and the culprits arrested and charged.

    The TSC should guarantee the security of teachers.

    George Ndisya, Machakos

    To achieve the goals of education, the ministry should provide enough security for teachers.

    Insecurity leads to poor performance in schools and bad service delivery by teachers.

    Muthomi Baariu, Meru

    Parents are ganging up and beating teachers because of their profession. So the teachers’ crime is that pupils failed exams? But passing exams does not guarantee success in life!

    The government must stamp its authority on rogue parents.

    Phellix A.G.K. Ochieng, Nyeri

    Parents who storm schools and batter teachers, blaming them for the poor grades by their children, should be charged with assault and causing grievous harm.

    No mercy, no leniency, should be shown on parents who assault innocent teachers. Perpetrators of mob justice should face the law.

    Parents should show a good example to their children.

    Justin N. Nkaranga, Mombasa

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