Kayralee Neveau, Belleview, Florida (reprimanded Mar 2018)[student like "monkey smoking cigarettes"]

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    Misspelled name, it is Kayralee on the school's web site.

    Teacher compares student to 'monkey smoking cigarettes,' officials say

    Belleview Middle School teacher reprimanded for comment

    20 March 2018

    A Belleview Middle School teacher was reprimanded after she compared a student to a monkey smoking cigarettes last month, according to documents from Marion County Public Schools. Teacher Kayraless [sic] Neveau wrote in a signed statement explaining the incident that on Feb. 26, she was watching students in a neighboring classroom while that class's teacher used the restroom. Neveau wrote that she joked to the students that she would be their substitute teacher for the rest of the year, to which some students acted happy and some had no reaction. She then told the students that she was just kidding ...