Jonathan James Knight, Gilbert, Arizona (arrested Oct 2011)

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    Name: Jonathan James Knight, Mesa, Arizona

    Age: 24

    School: Not specified

    Position: Tae Kwan Do instructor

    Victim: Girl, 12

    Phoenix New Times (31 Oct 2011): Children's Tae Kwon Do Instructor Jonathan Knight Accused of Sending Penis Pics to 12-Year-Old Student

    My Fox Phoenix (31 Oct 2011): Man Accused of Luring 12-Year-Old Girl for Sex

    QUOTE]The investigation began a few weeks ago when the parents of a 12-year-old girl reported that she was receiving inappropriate text messages from Knight. According to court paperwork, Knight sent the victim a naked photo of himself, covering his genitals with his hand. A detective assumed the victim's identity and continued conversing with Knight over text message ...[/QUOTE]

    AZ Family (1 Nov 2011): Tae kwon do teacher arrested after allegedly texting naked photos to 12-year-old