John David McElroy, Knoxville, Tennessee(arrested Jan 2014)[found passed-out drunk women's lingerie]

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    John David McElroy, 53, technology lab instructor on Farragut Middle School, Knox County Schools, Knoxville, Tennessee, "charged with public intoxication"

    WBIR: Knox Co. teacher found with lingerie, charged with public intoxication (Jan 30 2014)

    Deputies were responding to a crash on Laurel Valley Road when they found John David McElroy under the awning of a shack around 1 o'clock Thursday afternoon. They say he was found with a shirt, pants, socks, boots, another shirt, a tan bra, pink panties, fake implants and a red jacket. He also had a bottle of vodka on him and his car was 50 yards away.

    John David McElroy, Farragut Middle School, Knox County Schools, Knoxville, Tennessee
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    Knox News: Knox teacher arrested in Blount County, allegedly drunk (Jan 30 2014)

    John David McElroy, 53, of Knoxville was spotted shortly after 1 p.m. under an awning at the entrance of the Laurel Valley community near Townsend by Blount County Sheriff’s Office deputies as they responded to a ice-related traffic crash near the golf resort, according to BCSO spokeswoman Marian O’Briant. “The officer observed a strong odor of alcohol coming from him,” she said. “(McElroy) had slurred speech and did not know where he was. He said he couldn’t remember how he made it out to Laurel Valley Road.”
    McElroy’s Mercedes was found parked about 50 yards away. His car keys were found on him, as well as a 2-liter bottle of vodka, O’Briant said. She added that, according to a property inventory report filed during his booking, McElroy was wearing pink panties and a tan bra padded with falsies under his clothes.

    WRCB: Teacher arrested, allegedly drunk and wearing women's lingerie (Jan 31 2014)
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    WATE: Knox County teacher arrested lying along Townsend road, apparently intoxicated (Jan 30 2014)

    The Blount County Sheriff's Office says they were working an accident on Laurel Valley Road around 1:12 p.m. when they found a man identified as John David McElroy, 53, passed out alongside the road. Deputies told 6 News they noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming from him and a bottle of Vodka next to him. McElroy told the deputies he didn't know how he got there. They say he was found wearing pink panties and a tan bra with implants under his clothing.