Jeremy John Way, Lenexa, Kansas (arrested Apr 2013)

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    Jeremy John Way (Shawnee, Kansas), 42, math and physics teacher at St. James Academy, Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, Lenexa, Kansas, "allegedly solicited a teenager over the Internet"

    Also served as youth group volunteer at Harvest Ridge Covenant Church, Shawnee, Kansas

    KCTV 5: Lenexa teacher charged after alleged online child solicitation (Apr 21 2013)

    Jeremy John Way, 42, of Shawnee, has been charged with electronic solicitation of a 16-year-old child. According to Rose Hammis, a spokesperson for the Kansas City, KS, Archdiocese, which oversees operations at St. James Academy, Shawnee police informed the school of the charges and pending investigation last Thursday.

    Jeremy John Way, Lenexa, Kansas, St. James Academy, Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, Shawnee, Harvest Ridge Covenant Church
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    Fox 4 KC: Lenexa teacher charged for soliciting teen over internet (Apr 21 2013)

    A Lenexa teacher has been charged with the electronic solicitation of a 16-year-old using the Internet. FOX 4 News has learned the teacher, Jeremy John Way, 42, has bonded out of jail ... The teenage victim is not a student at St. James Academy.
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