Jennifer Christine Harris, Des Moines, Iowa (arrested Nov 2011) [arson]

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    Name: Jennifer Christine Harris

    Age: 30

    School: Smouse Elementary School, Des Moines, Iowa

    Position: Teacher's associate


    Des Moines Register (3 Nov 2011): Social networking spat ends in arson charges for woman

    Smouse Elementary School Web Site:

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    MSNBC (3 Nov 2011): Failed Facebook party leads to unfriending, arson

    ABC News (3 Nov 2011): Facebook Unfriending Sparked Iowa Arson Attack, Cops Say

    CBS News (3 Nov 2011): Cops: Woman set fire to house of friend who "unfriended" her on Facebook

    UK Daily Mail (3 Nov 2011): Woman 'tried to burn down house of long-time friend who defriended her on Facebook'

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    Des Moines Register (2 Nov 2011): Facebook figures in Des Moines arson case

    Time (6 Nov 2011): Woman Reportedly Burns Down House After Facebook Un-Friending

    Huffington Post (7 Nov 2011): Jennifer Christine Harris Arrested: Facebook Unfriending Motive In Alleged Home Arson

    CBC News (7 Nov 2011): Do you think twice before unfriending someone on Facebook?
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  6. The situation was made up due to Nikki trying to hide her affairs against her husband Jim. We had not talked in weeks. She was using numerous false identies and one was to trap me for a contact order. We had parted until around three weeks after the fight when she began claiming that she's my brothers wife.. My ex and I went to confront her with the men she was cheating with. And the is not my brother's wife! Make sure your smoke is completely out before you toss it. My arson charges were dropped. I am not in prison. It was an accident so I am paying for damage. And for Nikki, She finally got her divorse. Thank you
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    Watching "Frenemies" on ID channel. You might want to sue them because the story they are telling is not the same as yours. Apparently, you are deluded.
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    I don't recall being able find any followup in the media. Unless they found Jennie's comments here, they were probably just basing their show on existing reports.

    Unfortunately, when a story becomes "uninteresting", e.g. the naughtly culprit turns out to be not so naughty after all and the charges are dropped, the media often neglects to report that one last followup to complete the record.
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    You aren't in prison because you got off with a suspended sentence. And you are still running around the internet trying to trash this woman. Get on with the life you are lucky to still have. BTW, the husband also appears on the show backing Nikki's story so I don't buy the story about either the affairs, the divorce, or that the fire was an accident.

    You are insane.
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    She's playing you. The charges weren't dropped. She got a suspended sentence. Nikki's hubby appears on the show so they aren't divorced.

    JH is insane.
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