Jason Tomlinson, Kennedale, Texas (arrested Mar 2014) [video voyeurism]

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    Jason Tomlinson, 29, science teacher & football coach at Kennedale High School, Kennedale ISD, Kennedale, Texas, "charge of improper photography or visual recording"'

    Star-Telegram: Jason Tomlinson, a teacher and star Naval Academy athlete, arrested in Kennedale (Mar 19 2014)

    A teacher at Kennedale High School was using a faculty restroom Monday when she noticed something fall from beneath the sink -- a video camera. She turned it into authorities and an investigation began. Information on the camera resulted in the arrest of a fellow teacher, Jason Tomlinson, who graduated from the school in 2003 ... Tomlinson was in jail Wednesday night facing a charge of improper photography or visual recording.

    Jason Tomlinson, Kennedale, Texas, Kennedale High School, Kennedale ISD
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    WFAA: Neighbors shocked after Kennedale teacher arrested for hidden camera (Mar 19 2014)

    Kennedale police said Jason Tomlinson was arrested this week for allegedly putting a video camera in a faculty restroom. He’s a football coach at Kennedale, a science teacher, and an alumnus of the school where he had been working ... He was a football star at Kennedale who went on to play at the Naval Academy. Hardrick and others said he's now married and a dad. He started his job at Kennedale in January 2013, according to the school district.
    But now he is in jail after a teacher found the camera and gave it to school administrators, who, in turn, handed it over to police. Police Chief Tommy Williams said there was evidence that pointed right to Tomlinson. Williams said police seized items from Tomlinson’s home and office, including a log he kept of all the videos.

    WHAS 11: Texas HS teacher accused of putting camera in faculty restroom (Mar 20 2014)

    KVUE: Texas teacher arrested for hidden camera in bathroom (Mar 20 2014)
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    My Fox DFW: Kennedale teacher accused of using hidden camera to record in bathroom (Mar 19 2014)

    A former standout football player at the Naval Academy who is now a science teacher and football coach at Kennedale High School was arrested Tuesday night, accused of mounting a video camera under a sink in a faculty bathroom, according to police ... The faculty bathroom where the camera was found was apparently used by females.
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    CBS DFW: High School Teacher Arrested After Camera Found In Faculty Restroom (Mar 19 2014)

    Police in Kennedale said Monday morning a teacher found a small camera mounted under the sink of the ladies room in the faculty lounge at Kennedale High School. A teacher reportedly found it, turned it over to a supervisor and then went to the school resource officer on-site. After watching it, police obtained a search warrant for the home of science teacher and assistant football coach Jason Tomlinson. After the search, police said they found even more photographic evidence. “He had actually saved them to video; we seized computers last night at his home and we also seized some more computers from school property this morning that he kept up there,” said Kennedale Police Chief Tommy Williams.
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    NBC DFW: Kennedale Teacher Arrested; Camera Found in Faculty Bathroom (Mar 19 2014)

    Police say the camera was discovered Monday when it fell from under the sink and a faculty member found it and handed over to a school resource officer. Police say it was not clear how long the camera was under the sink. While searching the camera, police said visual evidence on the camera led them to [Jason] Tomlinson. Police say no other recording devices were found when officers searched the rest of the high school for any other cameras. Kennedale's police chief says the focus now is on figuring out how many people were in the footage and if any students were recorded.

    KCEN TV: North Texas Teacher Arrested; Camera Found in Faculty Bathroom (Mar 19 2014)
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    Star-Telegram: Kennedale coach arrested, accused of improper photography at school (Mar 19 2014)

    [Kennedale Police Chief Tommy] Williams said an investigation began Monday morning after the teacher found the camera and reported it to a vice principal, who alerted a school resource officer. “Video images led detectives to the suspect,” Williams said, but he said he had not seen the video and couldn’t give any details about the images. Detectives obtained search and arrest warrants Tuesday and took [Jason] Tomlinson into custody that night without incident at his Mansfield home ... He was in the Mansfield Jail Wednesday in lieu of $100,000 bail.

    [Attended the U.S. Naval Academy for four years but apparently did not receive a commission:]

    On his LinkedIn page he notes that he attended the Naval Academy from 2003 to 2007 ... He apparently did not receive an officer’s commission, because he then served in the Navy as a petty officer second class from 2007 to 2010, according to his LinkedIn profile.
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    Dallas Morning News: Kennedale High School teacher arrested after camera found mounted in faculty bathroom (Mar 19 2014)

    Kennedale Police Chief Tommy Williams says that Monday morning a female faculty member found a camera in the bathroom of the faculty lounge. She turned it over to the vice principal, who handed it over to police. An investigation turned up evidence, Williams says, that allowed them to identify Jason Tomlinson as the likely owner of the camera. Tomlinson was arrested at his home Tuesday evening for improper photography or visual recording. Police seized all of his computer equipment and booked him into the Mansfield Law Enforcement Center, where he remains at the time of this posting.
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    Houston Chronicle: Kennedale assistant accused of improper recording (Mar 20 2014)

    Mansfield City Jail records show 29-year-old Jason Tyrone Tomlinson was being held Thursday on a charge of improper photography or visual recording. Jail records don't list an attorney for the Kennedale High School athletics staffer and science teacher, whose bond was set at $100,000. Police in Kennedale, 10 miles southeast of Fort Worth, say a female teacher discovered the camera Monday when it fell from beneath a sink.
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    Dallas Morning News: Police: Kennedale High School teacher planted cameras in faculty lounges ‘for sexual gratification’ (Mar 20 2014)

    An affidavit released Thursday says the camera discovered by a teacher earlier this week contained “numerous female and male teachers using the restroom exposing their genitals and buttocks.” Those images were found in the camera’s folders, which were individually labeled with seven teachers’ names, according to the search warrant. Each video was also rated — “such as ‘fine’ or ‘good,’” says the affidavit. That led police “to believe the videos were taken, viewed and saved for sexual gratification,” says the affidavit. The camera also contained several images of Tomlinson attaching the device to a pipe beneath the sink, police say ... After the first device was discovered by a teacher who was washing his hands Monday, police looked in the second faculty bathroom and found “a similar piece of Velcro ...
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    Star-Telegram: Affidavits: Camera in Kennedale High bathroom had video of 7 teachers (Mar 20 2014)

    A small thumb drive camera found in a Kennedale High School faculty bathroom contained videos of seven teachers undressing, according to arrest and search warrant affidavits obtained Thursday by the Star-Telegram. Kennedale High assistant football coach Jason Tomlinson was arrested Tuesday night at his Mansfield home in connection with the camera and videos. He remained in custody on Thursday in the Mansfield Jail in lieu of $100,000 bond ... Tomlinson became a suspect when officers watched a video in which he inadvertently captured images of his face as he placed a camera under a sink, according to the affidavit. Police found that the camera had been placed under the faculty bathroom sink with Velcro tape. They also found tape under another sink in a second faculty bathroom.