From the Left: Anti-mask protesters were not patriots

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    Once a thug cop, always a thug cop, even in retirement:

    "Perhaps most disturbing is Kristen Graffeo’s experience. Witnesses saw Jeremy Liggett, who is a congressional candidate for District 7 and a retired police officer, and his friends ceaselessly attempting to intimidate the single mom of two. Graffeo refused to back down.

    "She videotaped much of the chaos. One of those videos showed a man in a red cap castigating her through a bullhorn while her little boys clutch at her in terror. The man bellowed, 'My body, my choice? That only accounts for abortion, right?' They were frightened, but Graffeo felt that leaving would not teach her boys that they, too, had a right to stand up for what they believe.

    "Despite a police report that clearly describes a heated conflict, they simply stood by and watched the ringleader, Liggett, along with his fellow Q-Anon supporters, verbally assault Lake residents and their children.

    "... Understandably, some teachers and parents do not want to go on the record, given thinly veiled threats made by Liggett. For instance, there is video footage of a woman standing alone next to the district building. Liggett, who owns a gun shop, got on his bullhorn and yelled, 'Ma’am, we’ve identified you and we know that your husband works at Waterman Hospital, in the administration part of it. We’ll show our appreciation for his service to communism.'

    "Furthermore, Liggett boasted of being one of the Jan. 6 insurrectionists."

    Jeremy Ligget

    From the Left: Anti-mask protesters were not patriots

    On Aug. 23, just prior to a school board meeting regarding mask mandates, teachers, parents, reporters and children were cursed, threatened and harassed. The thugs blocked doors and aggressively crowded out mask-up protestors. Tavares police officers stood just yards away and did not intervene. And so, harassment ensued for hours on school district property. A district with zero tolerance for bullying. Champions of no-mask mandates also were stunned by the volatile and offensive display. Some let it be known they did not approve. The perpetrators referred to themselves as “patriots,” but their conduct showed them in a different light. They ...

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