David Williams, Fremont, California (arrested Oct 2013)

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    David Williams (Union City, California), 66, teacher at John F. Kennedy High School, Fremont Unified School District, Fremont, California, "three misdemeanor charges of annoying or molesting a child under the age of 18"

    Mercury News: BREAKING NEWS: Kennedy High School teacher suspected of inappropriate contact with Fremont student (Oct 8 2013)

    Fremont Police Department reported yesterday that the parent of a Kennedy High School student informed them that their child was touched inappropriately by a teacher last week. Detectives followed up on the report and the teacher, David Williams, 66, of Union City, was arrested Friday afternoon at approximately 3:55 p.m. on three misdemeanor charges of annoying or molesting a child under the age of 18 ... Williams was cited and released and is expected in court Nov. 1.

    David Williams, Fremont, California, Union City, John F. Kennedy High School, Fremont Unified School District
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    I'm betting someone got an F and retaliated.
  4. Of course, because no teacher would ever molest a student right? That response is exactly why kids don't come forward when they are being abused...and for your information, there is not just one kid!
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    I think that you never know the full situation without being directly involved. Knowing that some students in his classes really did not like him, I would not strike foul play off the list, though I'm in no way certain of this. I just think that you shouldn't believe everything you hear, and don't make presumptions.
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    "Three counts" doesn't necessarily mean > one victim -- could be same victim, three times.
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  9. What an ignorant thing to post. People like you are exactly the reason these girls (yes there is more than one) didn't come forward sooner. My daughter was also victimized by this bastard. He did it... PERIOD! He sent a mass email apologizing to the students, his wife, his family, and his god. You didn't know that because you're not involved and should keep your stupid mouth shut!
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    This is such an ignorant comment. The fact that you said, "I'm betting" shows that you do not know anything about this shocking situation. Please do not have an input to this if you do not know the details. This bastard deserves what's coming to him. He knowingly did what he did to these girls and it is surely not a mistake. And yes, there are more than one. Know your facts before you open your mouth.
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    how do you know he wrote that message? it sure as hell doesn't seem like he would write something like that
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    Who else would've written that email if it weren't for him. No one knew of his arrest until after his email was sent out. Some people weren't even aware of the situation until Monday morning. So please, tell me again that it wasn't him. Again, learn the facts before you talk. Because if you're only going off of these news articles and reports, then you sure don't know the entire story.
  13. Only he has his school loop ID and only he could have sent an email to the students he affected. Stop judging these girls and STOP defending that animal. These girls did nothing wrong except trust him with their futures. He screwed up and betrayed their trust! Now, because of people like you, some of them may never come forward. You'll know the truth soon enough. If you were victimized, please call the police and report it! Don't be afraid of dumb people. BE BRAVE!!
  14. As a former student of Mr. Williams in years prior, I ask that everyone refrain from judgement until this horrible episode is over. Mr. Williams had a very profound, positive influence on me and my peers, and these events have been a terrible, terrible shock to me and my friends who had him.
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    Anyone who is instantly (expletive deleted) talking MR Williams either didn't know him or knew him AND HATED HIM! This man was practically a saint! There wasn't a day go by that he didn't demand the respect he deserved! He was a ex cop/Vietnam vet and always talked about having 6 0's in the bank! He was there for the students because he loved TEACHING not the kids. This man was respected and loved by every good student that came in that class. The only way this man did what he was accused of is if he lost his mind do to lack of veteran care! Otherwise this man was 100% framed! Either for his money or his no nonsense attitude. Now I will not call the accuser(s) liars until all is said, done, and proven. But don't you dare spit on this man and his name! He has done more for this country then anyone who has commented on this whole affair!
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    All you guys who are defending him are [expletive deleted] stupid. He sent an email to the Staff apologizing and ADMITTED that he was at fault for the accusation. He then told the police that the victim was indeed telling the truth. Yes im sure he was a good teacher, but I hate [expletive deleted] students saying "oh he was a great person that would never do anything like that" "oh he didn't do it" - If he admitted to doing it then stop being part on all the gossip and drama just to be all up in it. Facts not Feelings
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    The preceding response has been edited to remove profanities. Let's maintain some semblance of civility here. :)
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    Thank you so much!!!!
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    He undoubtedly has done something wrong.... but one thing I can say is that this man has never used an excuse and has always taken responsibility for his actions. He is doing this now and is one of the many reasons why I will always break bread with him and is forever welcome in my home. What he has done for the majority of young adults at this school and for his country will never be overlooked.