David Suker, Bronx, New York, Occupy Wall Street protester arrested twice

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    Five City Teachers Among Arrested Wall Street Demonstrators

    Bronx teacher busted during Occupy Wall St. protest

    A Bronx public school teacher was busted this week for knocking a police officer off a scooter during an Occupy Wall St. protest, according law enforcement sources. It is the second time in a little more than a month that 43-year-old David Suker found himself on the wrong side of the law, cops said. The U.S. Army vet was also collared Oct. 1 during a march across the Brooklyn Bridge, in which he claimed a cop bludgeoned him with a baton, sources told The News. This latest incident came around 4:40 p.m. at Thompson and Prince streets in Manhattan, cops ...

    High school teacher arrested for second time at Occupy Wall Street, NY Daily News

    A Bronx Regional High School teacher was arrested yesterday after allegedly using a shopping cart to knock an NYPD sergeant from his scooter, says the New York Daily News. This is the second time this month 43-year-old David Suker, an army vet, was arrested during an Occupy Wall Street protest.

    Charges reduced against 'Rubber room' Occupy Wall Street protester accused of scooter-cop shove

    Yes, he’s a rubber room alum. Yes, he sometimes calls in sick. But he’s not a cop-shover, and he doesn’t play hooky by calling in with the Zuccotti Flu, a public school teacher told The Post exclusively today, after being released on reduced charges of reckless endangerment from a rowdy Occupy Wall Street demonstration. “The cop could have just been mistaken,” David Suker said about an officer’s claim that the teacher shoved a shopping cart full of Occupy Wall Street Journals at him, knocking both cop and bike to the pavement on the corner of Prince and Thompson streets during ...
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    Bronx Teacher, Fired Over Arrest During Occupy Wall Street Protests, Gets Job Back

    A Bronx teacher arrested in the Occupy Wall Street protests won a battle with the city to get his job back. David Suker, a 47-year-old GED teacher, was arrested in a protest back in November 2011. Suker was then hit with charges by the Department of Education for not immediately reporting his arrest, and was also accused of riling up students during a police presentation. The DOE also charged Suker with excessive absences and breaking protocol while punishing two students 3 years earlier. He was eventually fired in August 2012. A Manhattan Supreme Court judge ruled that while Suker can ...

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    Teacher formerly exiled to ‘rubber room’ avoids jail time

    A city public-school teacher and Occupy Wall Street demonstrator who won back his job and $260,000 in pay after a protracted court fight, evaded jail on Monday for his involvement in two October 2013 protests City College, sources said. David Suker, 50, a former Army veteran and Bronx school teacher who was pictured on The Post’s front page in January sleeping in a rubber room, was arrested on criminal charges stemming from the separate protests at the CUNY college. Angry mobs there sought to prevent college officials from taking back the Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Community and Student Center, which was ...

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    Teacher who was arrested five times at Occupy Wall Street and then banned from the classroom still earns a six figure salary and is suing the city so he can teach once more
    • David Suker, 48, was removed from his job in 2012 after being arrested at Occupy Wall Street
    • He was arrested five times during the protests in 2011 and was fired by the Dept. Of Education after failing to inform them in time
    • After taking the DOE to court, he was given three-years backpay and had his benefits and salary fully restored
    • Suker has still not been rehired by any principal and so must spend his days in the Absent Teacher Reserve
    • The ATR is a pool of educators without permanent jobs and where Suker spends his time sitting in the library reading or even sleeping
    • Suker has now filed a second lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court stating the DOE has no right to impose ATR as an extra form of punishment
    A New York City teacher is protesting about his forced absence from the classroom and challenging the city to make him earn his $94,000 salary David Suker, 48, was removed from his job in the Bronx after he was arrested at the Occupy Wall Street protests in November 2011. Suker, who is a GED teacher, was then hit with charges by the Department of Education for not immediately reporting his arrest, and accused of riling up students during a police presentation. Suker was terminated in August 2012 after the DOE hit him with additional charges of mishandling two unruly students ...

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