Guilty! Carl Sieke, Souderton, Pennsylvania (arrested 1982)

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    Carl Sieke, former physics teacher at Souderton Area High School [Sourderton Area School District], Souderton, Pennsylvania, named in the recently released Boy Scouts "perversion files".

    The Reporter: Former Souderton Area High School teacher on Boy Scouts ‘perversion files’ (Oct 19 2012)

    [Carl] Sieke, who was 36 when he was arrested in 1982 for charges of molesting young boys, was sentenced in 1984 to 3½ to 10 years in prison. He was one of those named in what has been dubbed the “perversion files” released this week. He pleaded guilty to having engaged in sex acts with four pre-teen boys and testified there had been at least 20 boys involved over a period of 15 years, according to newspaper accounts from the time included in the files. His Boy Scout connections began June 21, 1972, and ended in December of 1982, according to the file. He was also a physics teacher at Souderton Area High School, whose 14 years in that job ended with his resignation after being arrested.

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    Washington Post: Boy Scout ‘perversion files’ released (Oct 18 2012)

    Thousands of pages of once-private records detailing sex-abuse allegations within the Boy Scouts of America from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s were made public by an Oregon court Thursday, including internal reports of alleged child molestations by more than 1,200 scoutmasters and other adult volunteers nationwide.

    The records — formally called the Ineligible Volunteer Files but commonly known among Boy Scout officials as “the perversion files” — were submitted under seal as evidence in a 2010 sex-abuse lawsuit in Oregon. The state’s highest court ordered the documents released under Oregon’s open records law.

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