Carl Peak, Tuscon, Arizona (arrested May 2010)

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    Other recent Tuscon-area teacher sex scandals:​
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    Name: Carl Peak

    Age: 66

    School: Rosemarie Rivera Elementary School, Tuscon, Arizona (previously subbed at Alice Vail Middle School & Maxwell Middle School)

    Position: Substitute teacher

    Victims: 6 elementary school girls

    Note: As of 26 Oct 2011 (17 months after Carl Peak was arrested) I can find no evidence that this case has been adjudicated. He is not listed in the on-line databases for the Arizona inmate locator, Arizona sex offenders, the Pima County Jail or the Pima County Courts.

    AZ Family (25 May 2010): Substitute Teacher Charged With Sexual Assault

    KOLD (25 May 2010): Substitute teacher charged with 'touching' 6 elementary students

    Arizona Daily Star (25 May 2010): Tucson sub in elementary school groping case has faced similar claims

    Arizona Daily Star (26 May 2010): 6 girls at school report groping; sub arrested

    Arizona Daily Star (26 May 2011): Tucson plagued by string of educator arrests