Broox Marvin Goza, Gadsden, Alabama (arrested Oct 2012) [harassment]

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    Broox Marvin Goza (Gadsden, Alabama), 37, computer teacher at Collinsville High School [DeKalb County Schools], Collinsville, Alabama, "harassing communications"

    Gadsden Times: Collinsville High School teacher arrested (Oct 25 2012)

    A Collinsville High School teacher has been arrested on harassment charges after an investigation that began about a week ago, according to a news release from Sheriff Jimmy Harris said. Broox Marvin Goza, 37, Gadsden, was arrested Thursday at Collinsville High School by DeKalb County Sheriff’s deputies, Harris said. At the time of the arrest, information was uncovered concerning other possible offenses that now are being investigated. Collinsville High School teacher arrested on harrassment charges (Oct 25 2012)

    A week ago, deputies said they received a report concerning harassment and harassing communications and issued a warrant to arrest 37-year-old Broox Marvin Goza. At the time of the arrest, deputies said more information was uncovered on other offenses and those cases are under investigation. Sheriff Jimmy Harris said no allegations involving students were made.

    WAAY TV: Collinsville teacher arrested for harassing communications (Oct 25 2012)

    Broox Marvin Goza, 37, Gadsden, was arrested at the school Thursday morning. Sheriff Jimmy Harris said a report was filed against Goza a little over a week ago. Harris also said at the time Goza was arrested, more information was uncovered that could lead to other charges that are now being investigated. Harris said the situation involves only an adult, not students or juveniles.

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    Times Free Press: Collinsville, Ala., teacher charged with harassment (Oct 25 2012)

    Harris said the sheriff’s office took a report a little over a week ago regarding allegations of harassment by Marvin Goza, 37, of Gadsden, Ala., and obtained an arrest warrant. He said deputies arrested Goza at school today. He did not identify the content of the harassing communication or the target, except to say none of the allegations involved juveniles or students.

    WAFF: Collinsville teacher arrested on harassment charges (Oct 25 2012)

    Goza was arrested Thursday morning at Collinsville High School where he is the computer teacher ... None of the charges involved students.
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    WHNT: Collinsville Teacher Arrested; Charged With Harassing Communications (Oct 25 2012)

    DeKalb County Superintendent Charles Warren says Broox Goza, 37, was arrested about 12 p.m. We understand Goza is a computer teacher, and was arrested in his classroom. Sheriff Jimmy Harris said Goza, of Gadsden, is charged with harassing communications. Harris said a someone filed a report about a week ago against Goza, concerning harassment and harassing communications. During the arrest, Sheriff Harris said deputies found more evidence of other possible offenses that could lead to more charges in the future.
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    Times Journal: Collinsville teacher arrested (Oct 25 2012)

    Collinsville School teacher Broox Marvin Goza, 37, of Gadsden, was taken into custody at 9:45 a.m. Thursday by the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Jimmy Harris said Goza was arrested at Collinsville High School and at the time of his arrest, uncovered other information concerning other possible offenses, which are now under investigation.