Guilty! Brittney Rae Padgett, Inola, Oklahoma (arrested Jan 2015)

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    Brittney Rae Padgett, 28, teacher's aide at Inola High School, Inola Public Schools, Inola, Oklahoma, "charges of lewd acts with a child"

    Inola teacher’s aide accused of lewd acts with a child

    Investigator Kyle Baker told FOX23 that the child didn’t have any classes with Padgett at Inola High School, but they knew each other through school functions. “They did meet at school. It did end up getting physical. She kissed him at one point on school property,” Baker said. Officials said the relationship did not escalate beyond that. “The age of consent in the state of Oklahoma is 16, and he was not the age of consent with any kind of sexual act with an adult,” Baker said. The principal of Inola High School ... confirmed that Padgett is no longer ...

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    Teacher’s aid arrested for lewd or indecent proposals/acts to a child

    Upon arrival at the scene, [Sheriff’s Deputy] Tucker said he met with Brittany Padgett’s husband, James, who told him they are going through a divorce. James Padgett told Tucker that when Brittney left approximately two weeks ago, she left her phone behind. When James looked through the phone, he found that Brittney was talking to a 15-year-old male on Facebook, according to Tucker’s report.

    Tucker said he then went to speak with Brittney Padgett at her parent’s home. She told him the 15-year-old had started messaging her on Facebook a few days after they met in October 2014, according to the report. The messages progressed from him asking to kiss her to him asking for sex, Tucker said.

    On Jan. 29, Brittney Padgett was taken into custody for further questioning. She told Tucker and Sgt. Kyle Baker that between Jan. 5-11, after a basketball game, she and the juvenile were sitting in her car in the Inola High School parking lot waiting for his mom to pick him up when the two kissed, according to the probable cause narrative. Baker asked Padgett if she knew how old the juvenile was and she replied, “yes, he’s 15,” according to Tucker’s report.

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    Inola Teaching Assistant Arrested For Lewd Proposal To Child

    30 Jan 2015

    The report says when investigators originally contacted her, she said that the student began messaging her, asking for a kiss then sex, after they met at a wrestling match. The report says Padgett originally denied any actual contact. However, according to reports, after she was arrested Padgett reportedly admitted she and the 15-year-old boy were in a vehicle together, waiting for the student's mother to pick him up, when they shared a “French kiss.”
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    A former Inola Public Schools teacher’s aid, charged last year with lewd or indecent proposals/acts to a child under 16, pleaded guilty in a Rogers County courtroom on Aug. 25.
    Brittney Rae Padgett, 30, of Inola, was given a three-year suspended sentence under Oklahoma Department of Corrections probation conditions, ordered to pay fines, to complete community service hours and register as a life-time sex offender.
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    Tagged her as "Guilty!", thank you!