Brianna Claire Walker, Port Orange, Florida (charged Dec 2019) [false rape report]

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    The case keeps dragging out. Trial is now set for October 19:

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    Trial is now set for 16 November 2020:


    And for whatever it's worth, here are the last 20 items on the docket:

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    The wheels of justice grind slowly ...

    Her trial is now set for 11 December 2020:

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    Trial is now set for 22 January 2021:

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    A "Notice of Pretrial" was filed on 26 January, which likely means that there is yet another new court date. Unfortunately, her case summary tab is not retrievable at the moment.

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    Trial date is now set for February 22, 2021.

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    Got to push it out to plea deal!
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    Trial is now set for April 26:


    Latest docket entries:


    I might need to find some more soothing train sounds to keep this going.
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    In lieu of more soothing train sounds, here is the real way to pull a train: