Brian Pitts, Ocoee, Florida (arrested Nov 2014)

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    Brian Pitts, 49, math teacher at Acceleration Academy West, Orange County Public Schools, Orlando, Florida, "accused of sexually assaulting a student twice"

    Also works as:
    Orlando teacher arrested on rape charges against student

    A teacher who also coaches is in jail accused of sexually assaulting a student twice. Brian Pitts allegedly took an underage girl to his home, touched her inappropriately on one occasion and raped her on another ... A girl on the track team told investigators Pitts drove her to his Apopka home twice. She claims he touched her inappropriately once then a second time forced himself on her and raped her. She told investigators she was uncomfortable around him before he became physical and that he told her she had “kissable lips” and that her “buns looked good.”

    Investigators had the victim make a recorded call saying she was concerned about diseases. That’s when they said Pitts admitted to the sex and tried to reassure the girl that he wore a condom.

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    Ocoee High School coach accused of having sex with student: Brian Pitts, 49, arrested on felony charges

    26 Nov 2014

    Brian Pitts, 49, was arrested on two counts of sexual activity with a child ... The alleged victim said the sexual activity occurred on at least two occasions in Pitts' home. "He grabbed her by her wrist and led her into his bedroom ... and there was no place for her to run or no one to scream out to for help," authorities said.
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    Deputies: Ocoee High School coach accused of having sex with student: Brian Pitts, 49, arrested

    26 Nov 2014

    Investigators said they arrested 49-year-old Brian Pitts on two counts of sexual battery of someone in his custodial authority. Investigators said there is one victim -- an Ocoee High Student ... A judge set his bond at $100,000 and ordered Pitts to have no contact with anyone under the age of 18.
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    Records reveal school employees fired for sex, other offenses

    Franklin Jennings:

    Former Freedom High band teacher Franklin Jennings was first accused of exchanging sexual text messages with a former student in 2009. About the same time, a colleague discovered Jennings having sex with a woman in a back room during a school production of Macbeth, Orange school district records say. When Jennings was fired over the summer, his termination was hidden from public view, even though the Orange County School Board votes on disciplinary actions against employees during public meetings. It's been that way for years in Orange, even though Government in the Sunshine advocates say that approach may be problematic ...

    Sheila Daniels:

    •Sheila Daniels, an exceptional student education paraprofessional at Westridge Middle, was placed on relief of duty without pay in September. She was arrested in July on a warrant stemming from accusations she stabbed her live-in girlfriend with a large kitchen knife in 2013. She continued working until the time of her arrest because the district didn't know about the incident.

    Patrick Collins:

    •Patrick Collins, an Evans High security officer accused of having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student, was fired. He was accused of taking her off campus and kissing and touching her inappropriately. Collins was charged with lewd or lascivious battery, lewd or lascivious molestation and possession of material depicting a sexual performance by a child.

    Brian Pitts:

    Brian Pitts was fired in January after a 16-year-old girl said he raped her on the way home from a graduation ceremony. Pitts, a track coach at Ocoee High School and teacher at Acceleration Academy, was placed on relief of duty without pay soon after his arrest on two counts of sexual activity with a child by a person in a position of custodial authority in November 2014. Orange School Board members generally don't discuss employee disciplinary actions unless the employee appeals the decision. Board members can see who's being relieved of their duties without pay or terminated for disciplinary ...

    More about Jennings:

    Problems with employees sometimes come to light if they're arrested, but many, including Jennings, aren't. Last spring, a woman who graduated in 2008 wrote in an email to Freedom Principal Rolando Bailey that she was in Jennings' class when he became her first sexual partner. But she became inconsistent and uncooperative when questioned by authorities later. The woman also told deputies another teacher had walked in on her and Jennings having sex on campus in 2009, but she wasn't a student at the time. The other teacher confirmed her story. Deputies decided not to file criminal charges. But it wasn't ...

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