Brant Owen Nelson, Saxtons River, Vermont (arrested Jan 2012)

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    Name: Brant Owen Nelson, Saxtons River, Vermont

    Age: Approx. 47

    School: Vermont Academy, Saxtons River, Vermont (appears to have taught previously at Albany Academies, Albany New York, approx. 2008-2009; at Holderness School, Plymouth, New Hampshire, approx 2008; and at Telstar Regional High School, Bethel, Maine, approx. 2006-2008.

    Position: Math & science teacher

    Victims: Not yet specified (original child porn charges to be expanded to include child molestation)


    Brattleboro Reformer (12 Jan 2012): VA teacher fired, under police investigation

    WPTZ (12 Jan 2012): Vt. Teacher Fired, Under Police Investigation: Details On Investigation Not Released

    Rutland Herald (12 Jan 2012): Teacher fired, under investigation

    WCAX (12 Jan 2012): Saxons River teacher fired for alleged criminal activity

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    Trying to connect some dots ...

    Is this the same Dr. Brant Nelson? A Google search for him at the Vermont Academy yields a reference to a now deleted web page referencing an astronomy class at the Vermont Academy conducted by "Dr. Nelson". Newpaper articles indicate that Brant Nelson joined the Vermont Academy in 2009. This bio from Spoke indicates that he was teachering at Holderness School in 2008, but Holderness' current web site makes no mention of him.

    Brant Nelson


    B.A. in Astronomy and Physics with honors, Williams College, 1987; M.S. in Astronomy, UCLA, 1988; Ph.D. in Astronomy, UCLA, 1996. Now for the more interesting stuff! Dr. Nelson has been interested in astronomy since about age 10. Shortly after his parents bought him his first telescope at age 12, he decided that he wanted to become a professional astronomer and do research. Twenty years (and another telescope or two) later, he left UCLA, Ph.D in hand, and walked into his new (tiny) office at the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC) at Caltech in Pasadena, CA. Joining the staff a year later, he became part of the Quality Assurance team on the 2MASS (2-Micron All-Sky Survey) project. This undertaking was a 5-year long unprecedented mapping of the entire sky at infrared wavelengths. At the end of 2MASS, Dr. Nelson joined the Spitzer Space Telescope project, also based at IPAC. He was responsible for data analysis and telescope seheduling while there. Dr. Nelson left the West Coast in 2006, and after a brief stint at Telstar High School in Bethel, ME, joined the Holderness faculty in February 2008, completing his transition into teaching.Now for the really, really interesting stuff! Dr. Nelson: Brant Nelson, Ph.D.​

    This entry from Intelius is most consistent with the bio above:

    nelson brant owen intelius.jpg

    A 1996 article in The Astrophysical Journal Letters was author by Brent O. Nelson, Department of Physics and Astronomy, UCLA.
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    An article in Compass Paper ("Astronomy Night Offered") connects the dots:

    SAXTONS RIVER, Vt. – Planet and star buffs will have a chance to view the heavens up close and personal every Tuesday night during the summer as Main Street Arts and Vermont Academy team up to offer access to the school’s high-powered telescope.​

    VA math teacher and astronomer Brant Nelson will be on hand with his own telescope to point out the wonders of the celestial universe. The VA observatory is located in a field off Shepard Lane, the road leading to the rear entrance to VA and the hockey rink, and is marked with signs. Best time for viewing is after 9 p.m., and attendees are advised to bring plenty of bug spray.​

    There is no cost for the viewings, although donations will be accepted. The program will run through August 31, and those interested may attend the informal sessions as often as they like.​

    Nelson holds a bachelor’s degree from Williams College and master and doctorate degrees from the University of California. His life-long interest in astronomy began at age 10 as he was growing up in Maine. At age 12, he owned his first of several telescopes and was soon attending the yearly Stellafane convention in nearby Springfield. While at Williams College, he studied under Dr. Jay Pasachoff, culminating in an honors thesis and the publication of an analysis of solar eclipse timing in the journal Solar Physics. He joined the VA staff in the fall of 2009 and is currently teaching Astronomy, Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus. One of his main goals is to revitalize the school observatory through student and club use as well as through public outreach to the entire VA campus and surrounding communities.​

    Further information is available by contacting MSA at (802) 869-2960 or or accessing the Web site at​
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    Read Media (31 July 2008): The Albany Academies Names New Faculty/Staff: Faculty changes announced for Upper School; new receptionist named

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    Brattleboro Reformer (24 Jan 2012): Former VA teacher facing child porn charge

    WCAX (24 Jan 2012): Teacher fired over child porn possession allegations

    WPTZ (24 Jan 2012): Vt. Teacher Accused Of Having Child Pornography: Police: Friend Reported Teacher To School Admins

    KRMG (24 Jan 2012): Vt. teacher accused of having child pornography
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    Rutland Herald (25 Jan 2012): Police: Teacher had child porn

    Brattleboro Reformer (26 Jan 2012): Former teacher accused of molestation, possessing child porn

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    From a couple blog posts by an English teacher at Vermont Academies ...

    You Won’t Find That At The Multi-plex (15 Sept 2009)

    Oh Heavens! (9 Nov 2009)

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