Brandon McGarity, San Antonio, Texas (arrested Apr 2013) [attempted sexual assault]

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    Brandon McGarity, 30 , teacher's aide at John C. Holmgreen Center, Northside ISD, San Antonio, Texas, "charge of attempted sexual assault", fired for not disclosing the arrest within 24 hours

    San Antonio Express-News: Man arrested on attempted sexual assault fired from NISD (May 2 2013)

    A man [Brandon McGarity] accused of identifying himself as a military police officer and telling a woman she could avoid a drunken driving arrest if she had sex with him is actually a civilian, San Antonio police said Thursday ... Police said McGarity was driving a Ford Crown Victoria on Saturday night when he approached a woman at a traffic light. He told her he was a military police officer and was going to arrest her for drunken driving unless she had sex with him, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

    Brandon McGarity, San Antonio, Texas, John C. Holmgreen Center, Northside ISD
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    'cept that he wasn't really a military police officer ...

    WOAI: Military police officer arrested for attempted sexual assault (May 1 2013)

    SAPD spokesperson Sandy Gutierrez told News 4 McGarity approached a 23-year-old woman at a stop light. The woman was sitting inside of her car when police say McGarity allegedly knocked on her car window and told her he was an officer, and she was going to be arrested for driving while intoxicated. Gutierrez went on to say McGarity was not wearing a uniform, but did have some kind of badge with him. According to police McGarity was driving a two-tone Crown Victoria, which Gutierrez says a lot of people associate those types of vehicles as police cars. Police say the woman believed McGarity was driving an undercover police car. According to police, McGarity followed the victim to a convenience store where he told an employee of the store he was a police officer and he was parking the woman’s car there. Police say that McGarity told the clerk he did not want to arrest the victim, and that he was going to take her home instead. They added that the employee found this to be suspicious and called 911.

    NBC News: Military police officer arrested for attempted sexual assault (May 2 2013)
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    KENS 5: SAPD: Man impersonating officer attempts to sexually assault woman (May 1 2013)

    When San Antonio police officers arrested Branden McGarity, 30, on Wednesday for active warrants, they didn't yet realize He was linked to an attempted sexual assault that occured March 24, a police spokeswoman said. Police said on March 24, McGarity was pretending to be an officer and told a woman in her car that he was going to arrest her for DWI. Police said the woman stopped at a convenience store and that's when McGarity also told the store clerk he was going to take the woman with him. Detectives said once the woman was in his car, McGarity attempted to sexually assault her.