Bobby J. French, El Paso, Texas (arrested May 2013)

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    Bobby J. French, 27, business teacher at Andress High School, El Paso ISD, El Paso, Texas, "inappropriate relationship with a student"

    KTSM: Andress HS teacher behind bars over alleged student relationship (May 17 2013)

    An Andress High school teacher was arrested Friday after EPISD police said he was having an inappropriate relationship with a student. EPISD police said Bobby French faces second degree felony charges for the allegation. His bond has been set at $100,000.

    Bobby J. French, El Paso, Texas, Andress High School, El Paso ISD
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    KTSM: Bomb scare linked to teacher arrested for alleged inappropriate behavior with student (May 17 2013)

    It all happened around 2:30 p.m. Friday afternoon on Saratoga street. Police thought they had found explosives in a home. That home was owned by the family of an Andress high school teacher [Bobby J. French] who was arrested earlier in the day ... [Chris] Valadez says he's seen commotion at that house before. The original owner and now deceased Bobby French senior had a violent history. El Paso County records indicate he had numerous felonies for child endangerment, something Valadez remembers years ago ... After a few hours, the El Paso PD calmed the neighbors' nerves. The bomb squad was no longer needed. "Fortunately there was no danger to anyone because there weren't any explosive devices," said Mears.
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    The presence of HSI investigators strongly suggests that this is also a child pornography case.

    El Paso Times: EPISD teacher arrested, Bomb Squad called; see mugshot (updated) (May 18 2013)

    The arrest of an Andress High School teacher [Bobby J. French] on suspicion of having an improper relationship with a student led to a massive multi-agency response Friday afternoon when investigators found what were initially believed to be explosives at his West El Paso home ... About 2:30 p.m., Homeland Security Investigations agents and the EPISD went to French's home in the 8600 block of Saratoga Drive to serve the search warrant, officials said ... While there, officials said, investigators found the "suspicious devices." The police Bomb Squad was then sent to the home.

    AP & other articles based on this El Paso Times article:
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    Go San Angelo: El Paso bomb squad eyes teacher’s home (May 18 2013)

    El Paso police used a bomb squad to investigate the home of a high school teacher arrested on charges he had an improper relationship with a student ... Homeland Security agents and El Paso school police arrived to serve a search warrant and found “suspicious” objects in French’s home. They called in a bomb squad and evacuated neighboring homes.

    News Journal: Police arrest teacher, call in bomb squad (May 19 2013)
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    CBS 7 KOSA: Bomb Squad Search El Paso Teacher's Home (May 19 2013)

    El Paso police used a bomb squad to investigate the home of a high school teacher arrested on charges he had an improper relationship with a student. Twenty-seven-year-old Bobby French was arrested Friday by El Paso Independent School District police.
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