Resigned! Blake Moore, Crestview, Florida (resigned Nov 2012) [inappropriate contact w/ students]

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    Okaloosa County School District educators with issues:
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    Blake Moore, 27, math teacher demoted to substitute teacher, also assistant football coach, at Crestview High School [Okaloosa County School District], Crestview, Florida, "inappropriate physical contact with two students"

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    Wear TV: Crestview coach investigated for choking allegations (Aug 1 2012)

    The Okaloosa County School District is investigating allegations that a football coach got physically violent with a player. A parent filed a grievance saying Crestview Assistant Coach Blake Moore put a player on the ground and choked him during a practice in June.

    Blake Moore, Crestview, Florida, Crestview High School, Okaloosa County School District
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    Orlando Sentinel: Investigation launched against Crestview assistant (Aug 1 2012)

    A formal grievance alleging violent behavior by Crestview High School assistant football coach Blake Moore was filed Monday with the Okaloosa County School District. Moore, who began coaching at Crestview in April 2011, was reportedly physical with three athletes during an off-season football workout on June 19. The grievance was filed by Mike Dean, who alleged Moore choked his son until he turned purple.
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    From the Orlando Sentinel article linked above: "... choked his son until he turned purple"

    Why was this not turned immediately over to law enforcement officials to investigate?

    It should still be reported to law enforcement and/or to the county attorney, especially if Florida has a "mandatory reporter" law that applies to educators.

    If I were a parent with a child in this school system, I would be seriously concerned for my child's safety, not only because of this example but because of the now suspended math teacher Brittney Anna Bowman, who was hired despite a 2006 arrest for burglary, battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting with violence and criminal mischief, charges which the district's administators considered "not serious enough for the district not to hire her". One or more people in this school district's administrative staff is missing a few marbles.
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    Navarre Press: Crestview coach charged with violent behavior (Aug 2 2012)

    According to the report, Moore slapped a player in the ribs on June 19 during summer workouts to correct the player's form during a drill. The complainant's son allegedly "jokingly" pushed Moore to persuade Moore to go easier on the son's friend. Moore allegedly grabbed the son, who pushed Moore again. Moore then reportedly took the player to the ground and choked the boy "until he turned purple." Other players finally managed to get Moore to release the boy, but Moore grabbed another player and pushed his face to the concrete bleachers because the second victim had told Moore to release the first victim.
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    If you're counting, that's two battery victims plus "failure to report" on the part of school administrators.
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    Orlando Sentinel: Confusion clouded initial inquiry into Crestview coach (Aug 3 2012)

    Mike Dean waited 41 days to file a formal grievance with the Okaloosa County School District regarding the alleged choking of his son by an assistant football coach at Crestview High School. A formal grievance can be filed no later than 45 days after the alleged incident. Dean said he chose to let the process play out in an informal manner first, and was ultimately left unfulfilled by both the process and the result.
    Administrators at Crestview and at the Okaloosa County School District were aware that -- at the very least -- assistant football coach Blake Moore had put an athlete on the ground, and according to Deputy Superintendent Rodney Nobles, that is inexcusable. "The coach said he did put the kid on the ground," Nobles said. "There was no doubt that that happened.
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    Can you say "failure to report"?

    LONG before that 45 days was up, the parent, Mike Dean, should have been interviewed by a law enforcement investigator concerning the battery of his child and another student.
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    Orlando Sentinel: Decision reached on Crestview assistant coach (Aug 28 2012)

    After an investigation and an appeal into Crestview assistant football coach Blake Moore, the Okaloosa County School District concluded that the allegations into Moore choking a player have been "partially confirmed." The school district's investigator, Arden Farley, suggested Moore receive a three-day suspension without pay, anger management and referral to the Florida Department of Education Office of Professional Practice. After hearing Moore's appeal that the recommendation is "too harsh," the school district's head of human resources, Mike Foxworthy, confirmed Farley's recommended disciplinary action ... Cleared of one allegation, Moore appealed the other two charges and his subsequent recommended punishment.
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    Almost a month later (Aug. 28), still no indication that a proper law enforcement investigation of the child abuse has been initiated.
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    There's a lot more in this article that what I've quoted -- I've barely scratched the surface with the quotes.

    NWF Daily News: Investigation launched against Crestview assistant (Sept 13 2012)

    A formal grievance alleging violent behavior by Crestview High School assistant football coach Blake Moore was filed Monday with the Okaloosa County School District ... Mike Culligan, the father of the player Moore was correcting with an alleged blow to the ribs, had heard the coach was physical with his son, which included “either a slap or a punch and something to the tune of you’re not doing it good enough.” Culligan, who spoke with Farley soon after the incident involving his son, voiced concern over the fact that he received phone calls from other concerned parents asking if it was his son who was choked, because they knew the boy had been physically and verbally harassed in the past. “On whether he was getting abused, a parent called with that,” Culligan said. “They called and said, ‘Was it your son that was getting choked? He gets it pretty bad.’ “They’re all willing to turn a blind eye for the possibility of a winning season.”

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    Crestview Daily Bulletin: Investigated Crestview assistant coach resigns (Nov 27 2012)

    A former assistant football coach and teacher at Crestview High School found guilty of inappropriate physical contact with two students over the summer has turned in his resignation ... Foxworthy said Moore had been demoted from teacher to extended substitute on Sept. 19 because he hadn’t passed the necessary subject area test to serve as a full-time teacher.

    NWF Daily News: Investigated Crestview assistant coach resigns (Nov 27 2012)