Arrested Teachers in the News 26 March (Monday)

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    Sex abuse, male perps:

    Heath Miller, former band directory at H.L. Watkins Middle School, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, gets 13 years in prison for sexually molesting students
    Kyle Cobb, 4th grade teacher at Lakeside Elementary, Honesdal, Pennsylvania, charged with raping and assaulting a boy several times some years before coming to the district
    Nathan Blaylock, teacher at Saraland High School, Saraland, Alabama, sexually suggestive cell phone texts to a female student
    David Blancas, 6th-grade teacher & athletic directory, Monson-Sultana School, Suntana, California, accused of sexually abusing a teenage student 10 years ago
    Other sex stuff:

    Non sex stuff:

    Tim Geiger, athletic Director, Direuff High School, Allentown, Pennsylvania, drug possession
    Study abroad:


    Update: Gregory Francis Austin
    Update: Chad Bearden, grand jury declined to indict
    Update: Jordan Lane gets 3 years
    Gregory F. Austin, Fraser, Michigan, Eisenhower Elementary School, Fraser Public Schools, Gregory Francis Austin