Arrested Teachers in the News 26 Jan 2012 (Thursday)

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    Wesley A. Phillips, Hoquiam, Washington, sexting two 12-year-old-girls
    Matthew J. Nelson, elementary school teacher, Grain Valley, Missouri, child molestation, statutory sodomy
    Nikki Terrell, Lowndes Middle School teacher, Valdosta, Georgia, child molestation
    Jacqueline Lavigne, Monsignor Doyle Catholic Secondary School, Kitchener / Cambridge, Ontario, sexual exploitation of a 17-year old male student
    Darrell Allen Keen, teacher at Beech High School, Goodlettsville/ Gallatin, Tennessee, statutory rape
    Giovanna Vasconez , Bushwick Community HS, Brooklyn, New York, allegedly sleeping with a student and plying multiple students with pot and booze off campus
    Timothy Oshields, Fountain Lakes High School, Hot Springs, Arkansas, sexual assault of student, child porn
    Scott Rubinetti, Lyndhurst High School, Lyndhurst, Bergen County, New Jersey, inappropriate sexual relationship with a senior girl in his charge
    Charles B. Coursey, Sussex Tech High School teacher, Georgetown, Delaware, sex with girl, 17
    Nigel Leaf, Hillside First School, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, UK, abused 5 girls
    Marcos Alberto Cantu, former Valley Vista High School teacher, Surprise, Arizona, to go on trial for sexual abuse & attempted molestation of child
    Aaron Turner, Northmor Local School District, Galion, Ohio, no jail time for attempted Craigslist soliticitation of 13-year-old boy
    Karen Halcomb-Hafft, High School English teacher at South Ripley schools, Versaille, Florida, drugs
    Nancy Brenna, retired John Stark Regional High School teacher, Weare, New Hampshire, disrupting House committee meeting
    Update: David Ettlinger
    Update: Renata Juras
    Update: Peter Kolesnikov
    Update: Maurice Parker
    Updates for John Lund, his brother-in-law Bradley Maahs and former special education teacher Scot Peterson, Antigo, WI, drug cases
    Scott Rubinetti, Lyndhurst, New Jersey, Nutley, Lyndhurst High School, Lyndhurst School District