Arrested Teachers in the News 25 October (Thursday)

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    Sex abuse, female perps:

    Additonal news reports for:
    Sex abuse, male perps:

    Brian Rohrback (Beavercreek, Ohio), 28, substitute teacher for Xenia Community Schools, Xenia, Ohio, "facing federal charges of distribution of child pornography, possession of child pornography, coercion and enticement"
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    Other sex stuff:

    Additonal news reports for:
    Non-sex stuff:

    Wesley Adam Hayes (1xx June Cove, Medina, Tennessee), 30, history teacher & assistant football coach at South Side High School [Jackson-Madison County School System], Jackson, Tennessee, "accused of making methamphetamine"
    Jessica S. Snyder (10xx Josephine Crescent , Virginia Beach, Virginia), 28, French teacher at Plaza Middle School [Virginia Beach City Public Schools], Virginia Beach, Virginia, falling-down drunk in school
    Broox Marvin Goza (Gadsden, Alabama), 37, computer teacher at Collinsville High School [DeKalb County Schools], Collinsville, Alabama, "harassing communications"
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    Study abroad:

    Lynna Darlene Schaldemose (school & city not specified), British Columbia, Canada, given two-week suspension of her teaching certificate for "misconduct" (drug student by hoodie)
    Dennis Craig Smith (school and city not specified), British Columbia, Canada, teaching certificate revoked for at least five years for embezzlement
    Dale Andre Joseph Mailhiot (school & city not specified), British Columbia, Canada, given two-month suspension of his teacher certificate for surfing porn on a school computer.
    Broox Marvin Goza, Alabama, Collinsville, DeKalb County Schools, Collinsville High School, Gadsden, Jessica S. Snyder, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Plaza Middle School, Virginia Beach City Public Schools, Brian Rohrback, Beavercreek, Xenia Community Schools, Electronic Classrooms of Tomorrow, ECOT, Wesley Adam Hayes, Medina, Tennessee, South Side High School, Jackson-Madison County School System, Jackson, Medina Middle School, Dale Andre Joseph Mailhiot, British Columbia, Canada, Dennis Craig Smith, British Columbia Ministry of Education, Teacher Regulation Branch, Darlene Schaldemose, Lynna Darlene Schaldemose, Danielle Finlay, Newark, Delaware, Delaware Autistic Program, Brennan School, Christina School District, Shane Allen Watson, Surfside Beach, South Carolina, Academy for the Arts, Science, & Technology, Horry County Schools, Myrtle Beach, Christie David, Cleveland, Walker Valley High School, Bradley County Schools, Braden Kessler, Bolivar, Bolivar Central High School, Hardeman County Schools, Anna Michelle Walters, Richmond, Cosby High School, Chesterfield County Public Schools, Midlothian, Michelle Catherine Walters, Allen Goodman, Walnut Creek, California, Hercules Middle - High School, West Contra Costa Unified School District, Hercules, Jeffrey Simonek, Torrance, Center Street School, El Segundo Unified School District, El Segundo, Matthew Beale, Ceres, Whitmore Charter High School, Ceres Unified School District, Ahmed Timol