Arrested Teachers in the News 21 September (Friday)

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    Sex abuse, male perps:

    Mathew Macul Fahey, former 9th grade teacher at Palo Verde High School [Palo Verde Unified School District], Blythe, California, "pleaded guilty Friday to molesting two underage girls and possessing child pornography"
    Non-sex stuff:

    Kimberlee Hoffmann, teacher at Huntley High School [Consolidated School District 158], Huntley, Illinois, "charged with theft of lost or mislaid property in connection with a theft at the high school"
    Angela Foote, special ed teacher at Great Bend Middle School [Great Bend Schools USD 428], Great Bend, Kansas, "charges including possession of meth, conspiracy to commit or use a facility for drug transaction, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia"
    Bobbi Jo Grunert, teacher at Desert Sage Elementary School [Deer Valley Unified School District], Glendale, Arizona, "selling marijuana"
    Kevin Foster, private music teacher, also choir director at Westlake United Methodist Church, Westlake, Ohio, "providing alcohol to underage female students"
    Study abroad:

    Gordon Harvey Walker, former teacher at Bloordale Public School -- now Bloordale Middle School [Toronto District School Board], Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, "accused of sexually assaulting a female student in the 1970's"

    Update: Stephen Brockman, Greenville, Indiana, pleads guilty
    Update: Kristin Leone, Clifton, New Jersey, indicted
    Stephen Brockman, Greenville, Indiana, Kristin Leone, Clifton, New Jersey, Kevin Foster, Westlake United Methodist Church, Westlake, Ohio, Bobbi Jo Grunert, Desert Sage Elementary School, Deer Valley Unified School District, Glendale, Arizona, Gordon Harvey Walker, Bloordale Public School, Bloordale Middle School, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, Toronto District School Board, Palo Verde High School, Palo Verde Unified School District, Mathew Macul Fahey, Blythe, California, Great Bend Middle School, Great Bend Schools USD 428, Great Bend, Kansas, Angela Foote, Kimberlee Hoffmann, Huntley High School, Consolidated School District 158, Huntley, Illinois