Arrested Teachers in the News 21 January 2013 (Monday)

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    Sex abuse, female perps:

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    Sex abuse, male perps:

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    Mum (drunk) bite teacher:

    Kociela Kelly 22.jpg Kociela Kelly 11.jpg
    Drunk Mum Kelly Kociela​
    • Kelly Kociela arrived at the school 'distressed and slurring' before the attack
    • She bit teacher Matthew Cox as he tried stop her entering after-school club
    • He went to hospital for precautionary tetanus and hepatitis B injections
    • After her arrest, she told police she had drunk several drinks
    Kelly Kociela, Leah Gayle Shipman, Wilmington, North Carolina, Brunswick County Academy, Brunswick County Schools, Leland, Johnnie Ray Ison, Cassandra Elfers, Butler, Kentucky, Phillip Sharp Middle School, Pendleton County Schools, Aaron Paul Cook, Asheville, Vance Elementary School, Asheville City Schools
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.