Arrested Teachers in the News 15 May (Tuesday)

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    Heather Schoell-Schroeder, 45, who was a teacher at Lakota East High School, Liberty, Ohio, "
    charged with allegedly stealing almost a thousand dollars that was made from selling prom tickets"
    Derrick Hill, health & life skills teacher & basketball coach at Cleveland High School, Los Angeles, California, "removed from the classroom after a verbal altercation turned into a violent fight"
    Feda Kidd Morton, teacher at Fluvanna County High School, Palmyra, Virginia, election fraud

    Update: Gregory Francis Austin
    Update: Melissa Anne Dalton
    Update: Artia Patrice Davis
    Update: James Christopher Hooker
    Update: Kristin Leone
    Gregory F. Austin, Fraser, Michigan, Eisenhower Elementary School, Fraser Public Schools, Gregory Francis Austin