Arrested Teachers in the News 11 January 2013 (Friday)

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    Sex abuse, female perps:

    Stephanie Raleen Forbes, 40, teacher at Clear Creek High School [Clear Creek ISD], League City, Texas, "charged with sexual assault of a child and improper relationship between educator and student"
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    Sex abuse, male perps:

    Christopher Rhodes (129 Bishop Drive, Winterville, North Carolina), 28, substitute teacher Pitt County Schools, Greenville, North Carolina, "accused of having sex with a 14-year-old girl"
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    Other sex stuff:

    James Brent Malone, 42, English teacher at Henderson High School [Henderson ISD], Henderson, Texas, "charged with possession of child pornography"
    Carey Gonzales, 36, teacher's assistant at Montezuma Elementary School [Albuquerque Public Schools], Albuquerque, New Mexico, "charges of manufacturing and distribution of child porn"
    Other articles that might be of interest:
    John M. Kaneski, Pinellas Park, Florida, Dunedin, Pinellas County Schools, Cross Bayou Elementary School, Walsingham Elementary School, Largo, Skycrest Elementary School, Clearwater, Rebecca Flores, Marfa, Texas, Marfa Jr. / Sr. High School, Marfa ISD, Rebecca Helen Flores, Stephanie Raleen Forbes, League City, Clear Creek High School, Clear Creek ISD, Cara Dickey, Buffalo, New York, South Buffalo Charter School, Jeremy Patrick Thompson, Grand Forks, North Dakota, South Middle School, Elroy Schroeder Middle School, Red River High School, Grand Forks Public Schools, Adams-Edmore High School, Adams-Edmore Public School, Elmore, Jesse S. Perry, Fall River, Massachusetts, Dighton Middle School, Dighton-Rehoboth School District, Dighton, Carey Gonzales, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Montezuma Elementary School, Albuquerque Public Schools, Frederick Gonzales, Farmville Central High School, DH Conley High School, GR Whitfield School, HB Sugg Elementary School, Sam D. Bundy Elementary School, Wintergreen Primary School, Pitt County Schools, Christopher Rhodes, Greenville, North Carolina, Winterville, James Brent Malone, Henderson, Henderson High School, Henderson ISD, Timothy O. Morris, Sussex Technical High School, Sussex Technical School District, Georgetown, Delaware, Seaford
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.