Anthony Nolan, Baxter, Kentucky (arrested Oct 2014) [video voyeurism]

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    Anthony Nolan, 41, English teacher & girls' basketball coach at Harlan County High School, Harlan County Schools, Baxter, Kentucky, "cellphone in the locker room ... attempting to videotape the girls"

    Harlan Co. coach charged with trying to videotape girls

    Sheriff Marvin Lipfird tells us the investigation into Nolan began in May. That's when the sheriff says players on the team complained after they found Nolan's cellphone in the locker room. The sheriff says Nolan was attempting to videotape the girls. A grand jury indicted Nolan on two counts of criminal attempt to promote a minor under 16 in a sex performance and two counts of criminal attempt to promote a sexual performance by a minor under 18.

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    Anthony Nolan, Harlan County High School, Harlan County Schools, Baxter, Kentucky
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    Nolan indicted on multiple charges

    28 Oct 2014

    Harlan County Sheriff Marvin J. Lipfird said the indictment is the result of an investigation that started following complaints concerning Nolan.“The sheriff’s office began an investigation over some complaints that alleged Mr. Nolan was hiding a recording device in the girls locker room and recording individuals in the locker room,” said Lipfird.
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    Update: Former Player Defends Anthony Nolan

    30 Oct 2014

    Lauren Lee played for Nolan during her four years at Harlan County High School. Lee says she does not believe the accusations made against her former coach and says she's talked to several players who say none of it is true.


    Tuesday Sheriff Marvin Lipfird described a complaint from one parent which started this case. Sheriff Lipfird said, “He informed me that his daughter, with several other girls had located what they believe to be Mr. Nolan's cell phone in a mesh part of a duffle bag in an empty locker and it apparently was recording at the time.”