Guilty! Amanda N. Brennan, Henderson, Nevada (arrested May 2013)

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    Amanda N. Brennan, 24, English teacher at Foothill High School, Clark County School District, Henderson, Nevada, "luring a child to engage in a sex act"


    Amanda Brennan​
    1549 Foothills Village Drive​
    Henderson, Nevada 89012-7259​

    Fox 5 Vegas: Foothill HS teacher arrested on sex-related charges (May 11 2013)

    ... a Foothill High School teacher has been arrested on sex-related charges.
    Amanda Brennan's listing on the Clark County Detention Center's in-custody inmate page lists the charge as luring a child to engage in a sex act. No other information concerning the circumstances of the arrest have been released.

    Henderson, Nevada, Foothill High School, Clark County School District, Amanda N. Brennan, Amanda Brennan
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    Can you find her facebook? Lol
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    Looks like she will be kicked out of Calvary Chapel Spring Valley - automatically guilty by their standards!
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    Guess Calvary Chapel Christian School needs to emphasize their core values a little more! I would not spend money to put my kid in a school that creates monsters like that. How would I feel safe to put my kid anywhere if a Christian School created this!!! Her old school Calvary Chapel Christian School probably had teachers that were okay with such type of abuse!
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    Can you explain or document the connection to Calvary Chapel Spring Valley or Calvary Chapel Christian School?
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    Las Vegas Review Journal: Foothill High School teacher arrested on child sex charges (May 11 2013)

    Amanda N. Brennan, 24, was arrested late Friday by the Metropolitan Police Department and booked into jail on two charges of luring a child to engage in a sex act and one charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. It wasn’t immediately clear if the charges involved a student or if the alleged crime occurred on school grounds ... Brennan wasn’t listed as a jail inmate Saturday in the Clark County Detention Center’s database.
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    My News 3: Foothill High School teacher arrested on sex charges (May 11 2013)

    Amanda Brennan, 24, was arrested after an investigation, said [Clark County School District] police Lt. Darnell Couthan. He declined to provide any details until Monday ... A spokeswoman for the Clark County School District confirmed via an email on Saturday that Brennan did teach at Foothill High School and that Brennan has been placed on administrative leave and will not be in the classroom or on campus on Monday.
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    she was a really good teacher, she might have made a mistake, but the media doesn't always have the correct information, don't just assume, no matter what she did, she was a really good dedicated teacher
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    A mistake perhaps.....but a minor with a mental illness???? That's a little over the top
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    i know the kid and he doesn't have a mental illness like you think, he was depressed, they should specify
  12. I know people at Calvary chapel and it really isn't a place like u said soo do not say things that u don't know is true.
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    So you know the guy? How old is he? What did she do, offer to blow him or something?
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    Fox 5 Vegas: Police: Teacher admitted relationship with teen student (May 13 2013)

    A high school teacher in Henderson charged with counts of luring a child admitted to being romantically involved with one of her students, police stated in an arrest report. Amanda Brennan, 24, was arrested Friday on two counts of luring a child and a count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to a Las Vegas Metro police arrest report. According to police, the parents of a male student at Foothill High School accused the English teacher of suspicious activity with their son. In the arrest report, the parents' suspicions were raised when Brennan picked up the boy at their gated neighborhood on Wednesday. The parents, as police were told in the report, did not know Brennan was coming to see the teen and denied permission for the boy to go out with her. Still, the boy and Brennan left together from the neighborhood, according to the report.


    The boy, in the report, also admitted to a romantic relationship between him and Brennan. He told police in the report they loved each other and there were only two times they kissed. The boy told police, in the report, that the two only cuddled in the back of her vehicle on the night he was denied permission to go out.
    Police, in the report, then interviewed Brennan and admitted that she loved the teen and knew the relationship was wrong.
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    CBS Local Las Vegas: Teacher Arrested In Student Sex Case (May 13 2013)

    Amanda Brennan, an English teacher, is accused of luring a male student to the movies without parental permission. She is charged with luring a minor. Brennan allegedly exchanged hundreds of text and phone messages with the student during an 8 day period this month ... Police say Brennan told them she loved the student, knew the relationship was wrong, but also engaged in kissing and cuddling with him.
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    Iv been attending Calvary Chapel since i was a young girl . i know the Brennan family and im not surpised . this is somthing i would expect from these bums . there all sluts and B*****s
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    I've been going to school at Calvary Chapel Spring Valley ever since 5th grade (Now a sophmore) and this school is not what you think it is. People don't really treat me kind here and EVERYONE is completely judgemental. People at this school segregate other people that just want to connect. The "Calvary Clique" is all this school is. If you don't fit with the "Calvary Clique" the students bag down on you. Me, myself has expierenced enough. I've been bagged on and basically told to eff off. I've had pretty cold thoughts and very wierd thoughts because of the people at this school. I'm not surprised that someone that came out of Calvary is acting a bit different. Not saying all the people are bad, if you went there you would know in a heart beat what the Calvary Clique is. But knowing that wierd thoughts have gone through my mind from the bullying of students here, I'm not surprised of current/former students acting different.
  18. This along with many other posts seriously makes me sad. Seems like a lot of you who are claiming to be followers of Christ are entirely too comfortable throwing the first stone. The devil attacks in so many ways, 1 Peter 5:8 reminds us that the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. This entire situation needs prayer and you should honor Christ in your responses. I don't know you, but would have been sad to see this type of a post from anyone, the fact that you say you have been attending Calvary Chapel since you were a young girl makes this even sadder.
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    Las Vegas Sun: Foothill teacher, 24, arrested for relationship with 15-year-old student (May 13 2013)

    A high school teacher [Amanda Brennan] suspected of pursuing a romantic relationship with a student was arrested Friday after the student’s parents raised concerns ... The student, a 15-year-old male, had gone out at night with Brennan, according to the parents who on Thursday brought their concerns to Clark County School District Police. School District investigators interviewed Brennan on Friday; she was “cooperative” and she admitted to taking the teenager out and communicating with him outside of normal teacher-student relations, said Clark County School District Police Sgt. Mitch Maciszak. Brennan was then arrested. Maciszak said the delinquency count pertained to Brennan keeping the teenager out past curfew, and the two luring counts are related to the teacher allegedly going out at night with the student without his parents’ permission.
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    KTNV: Foothill High School teacher arrested for alleged relationship with student (May 13 2013)

    According to Amanda Brennan's arrest report, the 24-year-old English teacher at Foothill High School admitted to falling in love with one of her 15-year-old students, even though she knows it's wrong. The report says the boy's parents realized something was wrong when they found out through the security guard at their housing complex that Brennan had picked up their son to go to a movie one night, without their permission ... Clark County School District Police say cellphone records show about 1,000 text messages and calls were exchanged between the teacher and student over the course of eight days ... Investigators don't believe Brennan's alleged relationship with the 15-year-old went any further than kissing and cuddling.