Guilty! Albert Allen Gangl, Hibbing, Minnesota (charged Mar 2013)

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    Albert Allen Gangl (Hibbing, Minnesota), 65, former teacher for Owatonna Public Schools, Owatonna, Minnesota, "faces 19 charges related to child pornography and prostitution"

    Taught 3rd, 4th & 6th grades at these schools 1970-1996:
    Hibbing Daily Tribune: Former teacher to face prostitution, porn charges (Mar 19 2013)

    March 2010, the Hibbing Police Department received a report from a 17-year-old male that he had been sexually assaulted by an elderly male while under the influence of alcohol. The juvenile told investigators that he and a friend had been knocking on doors a few days prior, offering to do odd jobs to earn some money. They then stopped at the home of Gangl, who said he’d allow them to walk his dog for $10 an hour. The juveniles were told they’d have to come another day as Gangl already had someone else lined up to walk his dogs that day. The juvenile and his friend returned to Gangl’s the next day. While there, the juvenile said that Gangl gave them each a shot of cognac. They then walked the dog for 10 to 20 minutes and returned to his residence. Gangl offered to pay them $10, but gave them a liter of whiskey instead, according to court records.

    Two days later, the juvenile returned to Gangl’s residence alone. While there, the two had mixed drinks while visiting. The juvenile described the drinks as “mixed strong” and told investigators he had become intoxicated. The juvenile said the two somehow engaged in oral sex, adding he felt that “Gangl had somehow tricked him” and that it would have never happened if he was sober, according to court records. Gangl also took photos of the boy’s unclothed body, minus his face, the juvenile claimed. Before leaving the residence, the juvenile said Gangl gave him $100 cash as “a gift” despite not having “worked” or walked his dogs that day. The juvenile told investigators that he asked Gangl what the cash was for, and he replied that it was in exchange for the sexual act. The juvenile took the money, spent a few dollars and later turned over the remaining cash to law enforcement.

    Allen Gangl, Owatonna, Minnesota, Hibbing, Owatonna Public Schools, Lincoln Elementary School, McKinley Elementary School, Washington Elementary School, Wilson Elementary School, Willow Creek Intermediate School
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    WDIO: Hibbing Man, Former Teacher Faces Child Porn, Prostitution Charges (Mar 20 2013)
    Court documents state that he allegedly assaulted a 17-year-old boy by engaging in oral sex with him, and then paid him money. Police also say that they found around 100,000 pornographic images in Gangl's possession, with 11 portraying juveniles.
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    Owatonna Peoples Press: Former Owatonna teacher accused of prostitution, possessing child porn, calls charges 'fictitious' (Mar 20 2013)

    Albert “Al” A. Gangl, 65, is expected to be charged with one felony count of prostitution, 16 felony counts of possession of child pornography, one felony count of use of a minor in a sexual performance (manufacturing pornography) and one gross misdemeanor count of furnishing alcohol to a minor, according to a press release from the Hibbing Police Department.


    Reached for comment at his home in Hibbing, which is located St. Louis County, Gangl called the charges against him “fictitious,” adding that he has no idea who would have accused him of the crimes. “I think this is all ridiculous,” Gangl said on Wednesday. “This is just a bunch of made-up stuff.”
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    Fox 21: Retired Teacher Living in Hibbing Charged for Sex with Minors (Mar 20 2013)

    A Hibbing resident was formally summonsed into St. Louis County Court to answer to 18 Felony charges and 1 Gross Misdemeanor charge after an extensive three year investigation. Albert Allen Gangl, 65, retired school teacher, was formally charged on 3/15/2013 with the following:
    • 1 count Felony Prostitution
    • 16 counts Felony Possess Pictorial Representation of Minor
    • 1 count Felony Use of a Minor in a Sexual Performance
    • 1 count Gross Misdemeanor Furnish Alcohol to an Underage Person
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    St. Paul Pioneer Press: Hibbing man, a former Owatonna teacher, faces charges of sex with minors (Mar 20 2013)

    Albert Allen Gangl, 65, was formally issued a summons Friday in St. Louis County Court in Hibbing with one count of felony prostitution, 16 counts of felony possession of pictorial representation of a minor, one count of felony use of a minor in a sexual performance; and one count of gross misdemeanor furnishing alcohol to an underage person. According to Hibbing Police Chief Duane Gielen, Gangl is expected to appear in court in response to the summons on April 1. Gangl has lived in Hibbing since 2001 but taught for the Owatonna school district until 1996. Gangl never taught for the Hibbing school district.
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    Duluth News Tribune: Hibbing man accused of sex crimes with minors (Mar 21 2013)

    According to the complaint filed in State District Court in Hibbing, Adamich said a woman came into the police department on March 19, 2010, saying her 17-year-old son had been sexually assaulted by Gangl. According to the criminal complaint, the boy and a friend had knocked on several neighborhood doors asking if anyone needed odd jobs done. They knocked on Gangl’s door and they said he told them they could come back at another time to walk his two dogs, which they did and received a full bottle of whiskey as payment. After several visits, Gangl reportedly mixed whiskey Cokes for one of the boys, who became intoxicated. According to the complaint, the boy told police that he and Gangl performed sex acts with each other while the boy was very drunk and that Gangl took photos of the 17-year-old naked. The boy said Gangl gave him $100.

    According to the criminal complaint, Hibbing police executed a search warrant on Gangl’s home on West Third Avenue in Hibbing and found “100s of marked and unmarked CD-R’s and DVD-R’s, approximately 100 home VHS videos, numerous various sized photographs of naked males, ages unknown, but (who) appeared to be in their teens, rolls of films and negatives, more than 100 manufactured male pornographic DVD movies; newspaper clippings of missing and murdered children; 12 handguns; items including swimsuits of various sizes,” packages of underwear and other, sexual items. In all, some 100,000 images were found. “This is the most evidence we’ve seized in a search warrant in any case of any kind of I’m been involved in,” Adamich told the News Tribune. “I’ve done a lot of pornography cases, and this is by far the largest volume, either adult or child.”
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    Northland News Center: Retired Teacher from Hibbing Charged with 18 Felonies (Mar 20 2013)

    A retired school teacher from Hibbing is charged with 18 felonies including sex with a minor following an extensive three year investigation. The Hibbing Police Department says the charges were filed last week against Albert Allen Gangl, 65.
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    Former teacher sentenced for porn possession

    The former elementary school teacher charged with more than a dozen felony counts of possession of child pornography while living in Hibbing has pleaded guilty and been sentenced. Albert "Al" A. Gangl, now 70 and residing in Duluth, was charged in March 2013 with one felony count of prostitution, 16 felony counts of possession of child pornography, one felony count of use of a minor in a sexual performance (manufacturing pornography) and one gross misdemeanor count of furnishing alcohol to a minor. On Monday, Gangl pleaded guilty to one gross misdemeanor count of possession of child pornography and was sentenced. ...

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