Guilty! Alan James Pollock, Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia (arrested Nov 2012) [sex abuse]

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  2. I want to firstly thank the victims for coming forward my heart goes out to you, your bravery has finally exposed the rumors that many thought, when I think back - Haramata I felt comfortable around never did I feel any discomfort but when I think back he was always rubbing boys backs & shoulders, handing out lollies - but innocence of children would not see the danger, as many did not. As for Pollock, I didn't feel comfortable around him he was just one of those people you knew to stay away from. I seen him a couple of years ago refereeing a mini rugby league game in the Parramatta district, and thought it strange him coming out of the referees dressing shed after the game with his arm around a young touch judge.
    I won't be surprised if there are more arrests, as this has occurred in the past of a former brother being taken out of the school for the similar allegations in 1980-81. Please remember that these perverted creatures were Angels of Satan before they were Teachers, Brothers, Community leaders, etc.
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  4. Brother (expletive deleted) Mintie and pollack the peadophile, why is it that I have said both of you (expletive deleted) dogs are peadophiles for the last 20 so years ? Good guess ? Not a hope I've known cause I'm a victim.remember Pollack that day u took myself an another student from st bernedettes to a nswrl game on a weekend ? No .. Well I do u (expletive deleted) low life dog . Of course there is a peadophile ring at Patrician Bros , that's why up until recently u would see these two dogs in each others company on weekends in Blacktown along with two other teachers 1. Mr k... 2. Mr w..., . What gets me is there must be former an present teachers/brothers that knew what was going on but never said anything.and to top it all of pollack was given an award from the NSWJRL for his continued 10yr voluntary work with kids 5 days before he's arrest. I can almost 100% gaurentee there will be some victims attributed to this. To every body I've told ( preached ) to about these dogs , SEE I TOLD U I WAS RIGHT ...!
    I'm a staunch believer in an eye for an eye & will make sure with my contacts in the underworld that you are well looked after in jail an see how you like being on the receiving end of some unwanted abuse , and u want to pray to the peadophile gods that you never meet me again cause I will be the last thing u see when u are taking your last breath cunts. Learn a good lesson here people a man whom has no wife or kids an spends all his spare time around kids there's a real good chance he's a peadophile , cause I know if I was a single man all my spare time would be used on chasing women not playing with other people kids .
    Former student of peadophile Brothers college Blacktown class of "91"

    Ps . I reckon their tally of victims together will be well over 50 .
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    What's been the outcome of the allegations?
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    Alan Pollock pleaded guilty to all charges of child sexual abuse against him in the Parramatta District Court 1 September 2014. He was taken into custody awaiting sentencing on 14 November 2014.
    His crimes were against 2 boys and 6 girls dating back over 30 years.
    It is imperative that if there are any other victims that they should come forward. The support and protection given to victims is of the highest professional standard.
    We must keep this GRUB behind bars so he can spend the rest of his days in the fear and experience the mental anguish that he bestowed on his victims.
    As I was one of them.
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    Alan pollock update .. pollock is due to be sentenced on 23 of November 2018 after pleading guilty to 3 charges relating to historical sex abuse ..
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    From Broken Rites Australia:

    A lay teacher is jailed for crimes at two Catholic schools in Sydney

    By a Broken Rites researcher (article updated on 12 December 2014)

    Alan James Pollock originally was a trainee Brother in the Catholic religious order of Patrician Brothers but later he left the brotherhood and then worked as a lay teacher in Sydney Catholic schools, where he committed sexual crimes against children. Years later, eleven of his victims reported his crimes to the police. Finally, on 12 December 2014 he was jailed.

    In two separate court cases during 2014, Alan James Pollock (aged 60) pleaded guilty to committing sexual offences against children at two Catholic schools in western Sydney in the 1980s. These schools were:

    • Patrician Brothers College in Blacktown (a boys' school), where Pollock was acting as a relief teacher; and
    • St Bernadette's primary school in Lalor Park (a parish primary school for girls and boys).
    In June 2014, in a case for the male victims, Pollock pleaded guilty regarding two boys. On 2 September 2014, in a case for the female victims, he pleaded guilty regarding eight girls.

    In Sydney's Darlinghurst Court on 12 December 2014, District Court Judge P. Mahony gave Pollock a jail sentence of eight years, with a minimum of five years to be spent behind bars before Pollock becomes eligible to apply for parole.

    The prosecution file was prepared by detectives in the Sex Crimes Squad at State Crime Command in Parramatta.

    A church document states that in the 1970s Alan Pollock was a trainee Brother in the Patrician Brothers but he ceased being a Brother in 1977. He later worked as a lay teacher.

    Police have urged any victims of child abuse or child sexual assault to report it to the police, no matter how long ago it occurred.