2 named & 3 not named, Hopkinsville, Kentucky [first amendment issues, battery, theft of phone]

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    2 not named:
    • teacher upset with free speech, considered it "harassment", battered student
    • school resource officer - stole student's phone, battered student with bruises from handcuffs & choking
    • school board member who came up with new "reason" to rationalize the abuse of the student
    2 named
    • Nathan Howton, assistant principal
    • John Gunn, principal

    Girl's dress-code protest shirt lands her in juvenile detention for 6 days

    When the school board in Christian County, Kentucky, changed the dress code to forbid shirts that bared shoulders, mother Theresa Rucks says no one told her or her 15-year-old daughter Isabella Messer until after she was suspended for it in August. Rucks decided to help her daughter protest what they thought was an unfair rule. “Do my shoulders turn you on?” read the front of the T-shirt Rucks helped Messer make and wear two days after her suspension from Hopkinsville High School. On the back, it said, “If so, go back to the 1920’s.” Messer got to fourth period before ...

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    Isabella Messer, Melinda Rucks, Theresa Rucks, Bella Messer, Nathan Howton, John Gunn, Christian County, Kentucky, Hopkinsville, Hopkinsville High School
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    Melinda Rucks is with Theresa Rucks and Bella Messer.
    August 26 at 8:49 AM ·
    So this is my niece, she is so amazingly sweet, and caring. She does well in school, participates in ROTC and commits some of her time to train in taekwando where she excels. She is wearing a shirt her mother had made for her after she was suspended from school for showing her shoulders. Now that is a problem in itself, but this school made things even worse. Bella wore this shirt as a form of peaceful protest to school. A female teacher pulled Bella aside and told her that she felt threatened by the shirt, when Bella explained said it was in her rights to wear it as it is adhering to the dress code. Not only did the teacher put her hands on her, but she felt the need to call in the police. Instead of calling my sister in law to handle the situation how it should have been, the officer who responded madhandled my niece and left visible markings on her neck and arms. She was then sent to a juvenile detention center and is now facing serious charges, all because a school decided that her education was not as important as the comfort of male students and teachers. I am furious and just floored by this situation. I support my niece 100 percent, I stand by her. Please share to raise awareness about this and #supportbella #gobacktothe1920s.


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    Jeannie Lorraine Well to bad the news didn't show the photos of her upper chest and throat where she was brutally grabbed the first time which caused her to 'raise her foot in defense' (not kick) the second time after she was already in cuffs. But again the report will only state the officers side and I'm positive that report neglected to say "I grabbed a 14 year old 5' girl by her throat" smh
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