Tennessee: Shelby County Schools reports more than 150 cases of teacher misconduct to state

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    Shelby County Schools reports more than 150 cases of teacher misconduct to state

    Sexual assault, felony arrests, drugs, DUI — more than 150 Shelby County Schools teachers have faced suspension, termination or resigned over the past three years, a WREG investigation into state records has revealed. What's more, that number is about three times more than the comparable Metro Nashville school district over the same period. Bellevue Middle School parents received a voicemail in January: "Our boys basketball coach, who is a teacher at an elementary school, is accused of misconduct involving students," it stated.

    Coach Mario Taylor was accused of tickling his players and trying to pull their pants down. The case remains under investigation.

    Three months later a Cummings Elementary School science teacher took the stand in court. Bragg Lampkin's students claimed he showed them porn and even got a 13-year-old male student to masturbate in front of him in his classroom. "I was trying to get down on their level, you know," said Lampkin. Lampkin was sentenced to 30 days in jail for sexual exploitation of a minor and is now a registered sex offender. What's even worse, we've uncovered more Shelby County teachers behaving badly, and their cases kept under wraps.

    Take Amber Henderson for an example. Deputies arrested her in January for allegedly driving drunk the wrong way on Highway 385 with her two kids in her car. SCS suspended her and the state is investigating.

    Then there's Jameka Ward. She was at Oakhaven Middle when she played a part in a meth ring. She resigned before pleading guilty in February.

    Ondre Johnson is spending 10 years behind bars for attempted second-degree murder after pleading guilty last year. He was at Cordova Middle when he stabbed his fiance in Collierville multiple times. Parents asked us to look into these cases, so we pressed for answers. Every school district in Tennessee is required to let the state board of education know when a teacher is suspended, terminated or resigns in lieu of termination due to misconduct that would impact their license. The state then flags the teacher's license and investigates to determine if the allegations are true and if a license needs ...

    For example, Jasmine Edmond quit Raleigh Egypt High after the district started investigating claims last March that she had sex with a student. She was indicted in December but already landed another job at a charter schools, because SCS never reported her to the state until January when we asked questions. WREG asked SCS and Metro Nashville for a list of the teachers they suspended and fired, so we could cross reference the state's list. Metro Nashville is still working on our request. SCS told us it would take six months to get the information. WREG is still going through ...

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