Robin aka "Robinson" Hoyt Alderman, Oakland, California (arrested Oct 2017) [sex tourist]

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    That is ro
    bin dad not him.
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    That is a picture of his dad not Robin please take it off!!!
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    You are ruining people's lives. She is not a minor. Some people like different things. This whole threads should be removed!!
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    This is Robins father. Not Robin. Do some research please
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    Just noticed this in the Straits Times article out of Singapore:

    "He was also making video and selling them," he said, adding that the American would be tried for his offences and would be turned over to US authorities after he serves his sentence in the country.

    According to Tuliao, this was not the first time Alderman had entered the country. The police said it was his second or third time in the Philippines and he had also been to Vietnam and Taiwan several times.

    So it would seem that the alleged sex tourist is also an alleged child pornographer.

    "Master Robinson" is in for some real "discipline". It often takes 5-6 years for a case to come to trial in the Philippines, and the jail facilities aren't exactly luxury hotels. Camp Crame (sometimes known affectionately as Camp Crime), where he is being interrogated, is the national police HQ; it is also where a kidnapped (by police) Korean businessman was murdered (by police) recently in a car just outside their director's office, after which they proceeded to extort ransom money from the deceased Korean businessman's wife.

    On the other hand, he's probably lucky he was caught. They often tend to handle problems "informally" in the barangays, as happened in the case of Robertus Carolus Maria Van Der Ploeg last fall. And if a word to the barangay captain & police chief doesn't make a problem go away, you can hire out the job for as little as 500 pesos (just under $10 U.S. at the moment).
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    Who's "she"? I have no sympathy for people who exploit children, and the sycophants around them who facilitate the exploitation. It's even more loathsome in the Philippines where there are approximately 4 million homeless &/or orphaned children. Around Manila many of them live on the streets or in the cemeteries. Your uncle was planning to abduct children already at the bottom and compound their misery by abusing them for his own personal pleasure.

    Shortly after his arrival, three girls (ages 14, 15 & 15) were rescued. Let's hope that Vietnamese and Thai authorities are now investigating his activities as well.

    "Different strokes for different folks" doesn't apply here.
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    15 year old girls lie about their age all the time and I know he was not going to abduct homeless children.
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    You "know" that? Were you cc:'d on all his social media communications that resulted in the involvement of DHS, our embassy in Manila, and Philippine immigration & police?

    And how do you explain the pimp that was brokering at least one of the girls? That's another adult in the chain exploiting children.

    You obviously don't understand how the Philippines' human trafficking laws work. A child lying about his/her age is NO defense there for the adult side of the equation in the Philippines.

    And as they say, "The apple doesn't fall too far from the three."
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    This pedophile Robin "Robinson" Alderman is 58. On fetlife he wre 48, but its the same guy.
    Even if he did not know the girl's age, hes a sexual tourist.
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    For a preview of what might be in store for "Robinson" after the Philippines finishes with him, check out this recent U.S. Department of Justice press release from this past July about another American sex tourist (only accessible to registered user at the moment, sorry). The feds don't consider it double jeopardy if the prior trial occurs in another jurisdiction (country or state); you can be tried again when the feds eventually get their claws on you.

    The Philippines Department of Tourism's slogan does not apply to sex tourists who get caught! :D

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    Robin Alterman now claims he was writing a book about sexuality. Painter, restaurant owner, radio host, yoga teacher, writer, and sexual tourist, all on google.
    And very weird "artist" :
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    Posts by "robinson211" on

    I'm coming from the bay area where I have had a very specialized remodeling business for the last 15 years. I do sound proofing and Venetian plaster as specialized trades. I have been doing drywall repair and small drywall jobs, hanging and taping, for 30 years. I just ended a 10 year relationship and have decided to fulfill a lifelong desire to live in Vietnam. I will be traveling back and forth bimonthly so I can maintain my business operations in the Bay Area. I am looking for some ideas on a business that I can start in Vietnam to help boost the economy.

    I joined on 20 February 2015.
    • I can speak English and German

    04 January 2016 09:10:26

    8 posts
    Hello my name is Robinson, I'm new in Vietnam and I am trying to establish myself as a business. Can you tell me what the easiest businesses to establish? The purpose of my business is only so that I can make partnerships with other businesses. At this point I have learned that if I want to have a 50/50 business partnership is a lot of paperwork involved and a lot of money involved. I'm wondering if by my business becoming a partner instead of my person, can things be done easily?
    I am available by text message or phone call at xxx. Also available on Viber and Zalo at xxx.
    Robinson211 posted on the thread Which karaoke place is with many English songs? on the Ho Chi Minh City forum
    last year
    I am a non credentialed English teacher. I teach practical conversation in private lessons from my home in District 2. I use the lyrics from American and British pop songs to engage in conversation and to explain the secret meanings of the slang terms that are used in these lyrics. It helps Vietnamese English do this to understand a more common Street English instead of school English workbook English
    I'm out of the country at the moment but I will be back the first week of October. I would like to talk to you more about this. I only have a couple of students but I want to work regularly. I want to have four or five students her class, 3 classes a day. I need some help organizing this.
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    Robinson211 posted on the thread foreigner import the used-car for working in Vietnam on the Ho Chi Minh City forum
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    if anyone needs a customs broker. I have found a very good one. Let me know and I will share his information
    32 replies
    Robinson211 posted on the thread foreigner import the used-car for working in Vietnam on the Ho Chi Minh City forum
    last year
    Not just for importing cars. He will help you to get anything you need into the country. Whether it's a product that you want to sell or household items. As long as there are no drugs involved he will do everything in his power to get you a good deal and make sure that everything comes through smoothly
    32 replies
    Robinson211 posted on the thread foreigner import the used-car for working in Vietnam on the Ho Chi Minh City forum
    last year
    According to the Vietnam laws that I have researched, there are all of me two requirements for importing a car. The first requirement is that you must be the original order and the second requirement is that the car cannot be more than two years old. I have also learned that if you hire a customs broker who has good relationships with the Customs officers you can get around some of these rules
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    American schools
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    Robinson211 created a new thread on the Vietnam forum
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    I am trying to establish myself as a business, need advice
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    Here's an idea as to what is in store for "Robinson". Drew Shobbrook was busted in 2013, rotted in a Cebu jail for 5 years awaiting trial. Now that he as been convicted & sentenced, he will spend the rest of his life rotting in a Philippine prison.

    Australian businessman sentenced in Philippines for child sex crimes

    21 Feb 2018

    An Australian businessman has been sentenced to three life sentences in prison for operating a child cybersex den and exploiting children in the Philippines.

    Child welfare advocates have hailed the conviction of Drew Frederick Shobbrook, 51, from Sydney, as a landmark case in efforts to shutdown the Philippines’ booming cybersex industry, which law enforcement agencies say attracts hundreds of Australian paedophiles.

    Fifteen underage girls who had been paid to perform lewd acts in front of web cameras were taken into protective custody after authorities raided three apartments Shobbrook was renting in Cebu in 2013.

    Three girls testified in court that Shobbrook used girls for sex and created pornographic images and videos with them that he distributed on the internet.
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    And as for life in Philippine detention, here is a Filipino view:

    Bursting at the seams: Philippine detention centers: Detainees face inhumane punishment even before they are convicted of a crime

    3 March 2018

    Thousands who escaped death from President Rodrigo Duterte’s anti-drug campaign considered themselves lucky until they were committed to detention centers. They never expected that the jails would be so unsanitary, congested, and unfit for humans.

    The condition of our jail system clearly violates the Philippine Constitution and the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners. Without immediate solution to reduce overcrowding, a catastrophic incident can happen anytime that can cause the loss of lives.

    The human threshold for suffering has limitations and it may trigger unexpected action of prisoners to protest and call attention to their plight. The detainees face inhumane punishment even before they are convicted of a crime.

    “In the whole world, we have the highest congestion rate,” Bureau of Jail Management and Penology Director Serafin Barretto said in a recent media briefing.

    Philippine jails currently have a congestion rate of 558%, higher than that of Haiti.

    The project started when I became a volunteer photographer for retired Supreme Court associate justice Roberto Abad to document overcrowding in Metro Manila jails.

    My images became the visual foundation for the Supreme Court’s ongoing efforts to accelerate the resolution of cases and sentencing, with the hope that this would reduce the congestion in prisons.

    Ongoing changes are being instituted but not enough to make a dent in reducing the alarming congestion rate.

    Since 2011, I have been documenting several detention centers to establish that congestion is not an isolated case.

    As I have explained to all the detainees before taking their pictures: “If you allow me to photograph your situation, you will be helping yourselves. I will use the images of your condition to call attention to your plight. If changes happen when you are no longer incarcerated, those who will follow you will get the benefit of your cooperation. Those who do not like to be included please cover your face or stay out of the camera range.”

    The wardens and staff of detention centers allowed me to chat and mingle with the detainees inside their cells and explain to them the purpose of my visits. In some cases, I was left alone confident that my good deed and honest purpose would protect me from harm.

    I would like to make it very clear, this project was undertaken not to find fault with any groups, political parties, and penology organizations.

    The problem of overcrowding has existed for decades.

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    Here an example of what can happen when Philippine sex tourists are nailed in the U.S.:

    Venice man gets 330 years on child porn charges in 'sex tourism' trial

    21 April 2017

    A Venice man has been sentenced to 330 years in prison after being convicted on child pornography charges, for taking sex tourism trips to the Philippines, making videos of his sexual encounters with children as young as 6, and posting them on-line. David Paul Lynch was tried and found guilty late last year after an investigation by the FBI's Fort Myers Child Exploitation Task Force, Sarasota police, U.S. customs agents and international authorities. "Some of his victims were as young as 6 or 7 years old," Special Agent Daniel Ward, of the Fort Myers task force, said in a statement. ...

    At trial, prosecutors produced evidence that Lynch made regular trips to the Philippines to engage in sex with children, which he recorded and distributed. "The child pornography he was sending and receiving online caught the attention of officials at the social media platform he was using," Ward said. The trips began in 2005 and continued until December 2016, when he was arrested at San Francisco International Airport attempting to board a flight to the Philippines. At least one trip was arranged through the mother of one of the young victims, prosecutors said FBI agents said the investigation began when the ...

    Lynch has two young children in the Philippines, prosecutors said in a trial memorandum. The judge also ordered Lynch to forfeit his bayfront home at 705 El Dorado Drive in Venice, assessed at $414,000, to the government, along with computer equipment and storage devices. "The sentence sets a precedent and really sends a message," Sarasota police Detective Megan Buck said. "The community is not going to tolerate this kind of exploitation of children anymore." Array
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    Here's what happens to these dirtbags if they live long enough to return to the U.S. Michael Carey Clemans was charged with "buying" orphans on the street and making child porn, exactly was "Robinson" is accused of. Michael Carey Clemans was just sentenced to life imprisonment as a guest of Club Fed:


    California man ‘bought’ Philippine orphans for sex and child porn – he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison
    At one point, authorities said Clemans was communicating with more than 50 child pornography providers and obtained more than 27,000 child pornography images

    24 January 2018

    California man was sentenced to life in federal prison on Tuesday for buying Philippine children for sex and pornography in what prosecutors called one of most “lurid, wilful, and disturbing” child exploitation cases in the nation. US District Judge John Mendez said he was sickened by the crimes committed by Michael Carey Clemans, 57, of Sacramento. Prosecutors said he gave detailed instructions on how young girls should be posed, how their hair should be cut, whether they should wear make-up or have their bodies oiled. “His true plan was to find young girls, virgins, and then go have sex with ...
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    So Robinson's challenges are:
    • Survive long enough in Phillipine jails until his case comes to trial. This could take 5-6 years.
    • Have a fair trial (once you do get to court in the Philippines, you do get a fair trial).
    • Probably spend the rest of his life in Philippine prisons. But if he does get an early release ....
    • Be put on trial in the U.S. (the Federal system does not consider a trial in a state court or another country to be "double jeopardy")
    • Finish out his life in Club Fed.
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    Has anyone heard from "Robinson" since last November?

    Wonder how much weight he's lost rotting in a Philippine jail? He'll get enough rice to keep him alive, but not much more.

    Meanwhile, it appears that an Australian bloke, John Loffler, busted a week ago in Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines, might be keeping him company:

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    Great article in the New York Times today about Philippine jails:

    For some inmates of the Manila City Jail, making the bed means mopping up sludgy puddles, unfolding a square of cardboard on the tile floor and lying down to sleep in a small, windowless bathroom, wedged in among six men and a toilet.

    On one recent night at the jail, in Dorm 5, the air was thick and putrid with the sweat of 518 men crowded into a space meant for 170.

    The inmates were cupped into each other, limbs draped over a neighbor’s waist or knee, feet tucked against someone else’s head, too tightly packed to toss and turn in the sweltering heat.

    Since President Rodrigo Duterte’s violent antidrug campaign began in 2016, Philippine jails have become increasingly more packed, propelling the overall prison system to the top of the World Prison Brief’s list of the most overcrowded incarceration systems in the world.

    In the Manila City Jail, sleep is the most precious commodity.

    If an inmate has money, he can buy a spot in a “kubol,” a small, improvised cubicle shared by two or more men, separated from the crowds with plywood walls and a curtain.


    "Robinson" Hoyt Alderman will probably be cooling his heels in one of these joints for another 4 or 5 years.
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    From the passport you posted, looks like Robin Robinson Hoyt Walker Quinn Alderman Robison211, aka Rob BDSM pedo from Oakland San Francisco California, who was a painter, celebrated his 60th birthday this year in a hole of Manila, as he was born on may 31st 1959.