Michael Redmond, Plantation, Florida (arrested Dec 2011) [marijuana]

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    Name: Michael Redmond, Plantation, Florida

    Age: asdf

    School: Nova High School, Davie, Florida

    Position: Science teacher

    Email: Michael.Redmond@BrowardSchools.com

    Miami Herald (2 Dec 2011): Ex-Dolphins player’s pot takes him down in big bust

    WSVN (2 Dec 2011): 280 arrested in BSO sting

    Local 10 (3 Dec 2011): Ex-Dolphins player, teacher arrested in drug crackdown: 280 arrests reported in multiagency operation


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    I am so saddened by this information. A man's life should not be destroyed due to his private hobbies or interests in which did not hurt anyone, infact they could have even helped. This is a good person and an excellent teacher who doesn't deserve these charges which will gepardise his integrity and his future. As a Nova student who had Redmond as an instuctor, I can speak up for other students as well as my self when I say Coach Redmond is not only a phenominal teacher, coach, and trainer but a true inspiration and Role model for all students. He got every student involved and actually had us enjoying physical activity. He obviously had multipule different interests besides working out that he enjoyed in his private life just as everyone HUMAN does, it seems he was just really good at that also. - Katt Watts