Johnny Lewis Holmes, Oak Lawn, Illinois (arrested Dec 2012) [DUI]

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    Johnny Lewis Holmes, 66, school board member, Community High School District 218, Oak Lawn, Illinois, DUI

    Cops Busted for DUI: Johnny Holmes, Police Chief, Robbins Police Department, Illinois

    Southtown Star: District 218 leader reacts to board member’s latest arrest for DUI (Dec 28 2012)

    So what do you do when a school board member gets arrested for DUI? When Midlothian police stopped Johnny Lewis Holmes Dec. 22, they weren’t just pulling over the Robbins police chief. They were ticketing a member of the Community High School District 218 board, too.

    Johnny Lewis Holmes, Oak Lawn, Illinois, Midlothian, Robbins
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    Turns out this was his SECOND drunk driving arrest ...

    Robbins police chief retires after second DUI arrest

    Jan 7 2013

    Midlothian authorities said Holmes, 66, who also is a member of the Community High School District 218 Board, was so disoriented he was stopped on Dec. 22 that he thought he was still in the neighboring village of Posen. The incident was Holmes’ second DUI arrest in Midlothian in less than three years.

    Holmes allegedly admitted that he had been drinking in Posen the night he was stopped, and officers found a flask of alcohol in his jacket, according to a police report. He also failed two field-sobriety tests, and a subsequent Breathalyzer indicated his blood-alcohol level was .194, more than twice the legal limit, according to a police report.

    According to court records, he was sentenced to court supervision and paid more than $1,000 in fees for the 2010 DUI citation.


    Holmes said his future as a board member for District 218 — which includes Richards, Eisenhower and Shepard high schools — is uncertain.
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    SouthTown Star, a Chicago Sun-Times Publication
    Ex-police chief who retired after two DUIs still getting paid.
    March 23, 2013 12:55AM, updated April 25, 2013 6:36AM
    Johnny Lewis Holmes said Monday night that he had retired as police chief of Robbins last week.
    Former Robbins police Chief Johnny Holmes was charged with two DUIs in the past three years.
    Before he retired in January, he ran a department for the majority of the time during which 51 untested rape kits sat for decades in an evidence room.
    But Holmes continues to be paid by the village, and will be into next month, as part of a severance agreement.